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A quick look at the demo certainly looks promising.. I did like the original game so I am glad to notice your current effort to re-erect the game.

Considering buying the steam version I just wonder.. will there be a way to retrieve the updates for the android version then also?

Well.. maybe I better wait for the offer here on itch.. that would probably get me the Linux and Android version..

How about.. a Linux version of this nice game? One testing volunteer signing up here.. ;-)

First of all: I am not exactly a soccer fan. Browsing through the list of games I got recently in a bundle I had a look at the trailer and decided to give it a go. I have to say: it is impressive! Playing it (solo) is fun, controlling using the keyboard works nice and the graphics look charming. And yes: it runs great on a Linux laptop {i5 10210u)  ;-)

You can't.. the game is saved automagically at the end of each day and the start of your last day is the point of return.

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The game looks very interesting.. if you ever decide to compile for linux I'll be happy to test it.. apart from that: keep the good work up!  ;-)

Some filter must have been set wrong, but now I managed to find it using a search. It seems to run nicely, the bugs I noticed are already known. So I guess no specific WebGL errors to report... ;-)

So far a search @ newgrounds did not come up with anything.. but I will keep my eyes open!  ;-)

It would be nice to have a native Linux version indeed.. after all: I loved playing Quarantine & Road Warrior decades ago a LOT..

Good luck with the further development!

The game looks interesting and the graphics very nice, so I wonder.. is there at some stage a Linux version, or if not an online version planned? Good luck with further development!

The difference between32 and 64 bit is about the system you use to play the game. The (very) old systems only can run the 32-bit version, the 64-bit version is suitable for the pc's built in the last decade at least.

Often newer systems have support for 32-bit programs but.. it is just better to stick to 64-bit if your systems supports it.

It is not related to graphics (quality) but relates to the instruction set of your processor and the amount of supported memory..