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I really loved this- it was surreal and abstract yet intimate as well. I love the sound effects. Awesome job! ^_^ 

A bit short but very, very cute. The music and art direction were very good. I hope you make another game soon! ^_^ 

This is beautiful. I left a rating but also wanted to comment so that I could leave my appreciation. I got the 'true ending' on the first playthrough and I love it so much that I can't stand the thought of changing my choices to get other endings. :D There's something very wistful and melancholy about the story that I very much appreciate. Awesome job! ^_^ 

I had a lot of fun playing this game. I had a little bit of an issue clicking on things at times- large mouse vs somewhat difficult to see objects but I have sight issues so that's probably on me and not the game itself. I quite enjoyed being killed a lot. Ha! :D 

This is outstanding! I adore the color scheme and the story. I had a wonderful time with the demo and I'm looking forward to the full release. You have done an truly wonderful job! ^_^ 

I watched Harshly Critical play this and knew I needed to play it myself. I love the throwback aspects of this, enjoyed the storyline, and liked the gameplay well enough. I'm really looking forward to future games from you! ^_^

I love this VN. I really like how each MC is different (based on coloring/background) depending on which path you go down. I love the characters- I had to use a walkthrough to get the good ending for the Merman though! :D My favorites were probably the Pukis which surprises me since the others are more of my 'type'.  ^_^  Awesome AWESOME job! 

This game is excellent- great creepy atmosphere and awesome pacing. I very much enjoyed my time with it. 

This is a beautiful game. I'm currently going through this exact process and it felt amazing to know someone out there feels the same way and went through the same growth. Thank you so much for creating this game. 

I really enjoyed the game. I got stuck at the uh numbers section and had to look it up online but otherwise it was very accessible and enjoyable. The last sequence made my heart pound- awesome pick for music! ^_^ 

I am so, so appreciative of the character customizer! I rarely see characters with my coloring so it really touched my heart to be able to make a brown/brown/brown (ha!) toned main character. I liked that there were so many choices- the MC felt like a real person and I really liked the male leads. So customization + loads of choice + hot dewds ( :3 ) = 5/5  Thanks for making this game! 

I left a rating but also wanted to comment to say that the art direction in this game is awesome! i love the atmosphere and the way that the story was in layers/the gaming mechanics. I wish it had been a bit longer but that's because I liked it so much! ^_^ I hope you guys do more games like this. 

I left a rating but also wanted to thank you in the comments. I had a great time with the game. I was also stuck but figured out how to move on by sheer force of will. Ha! Thanks for the awesome experience! ^_^