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Games For Ghosts

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Thanks mfelps, you can sign up on our website and we'll let you know when the beta is ready :)

Thanks! We're working on a recording unit! It should be in soon.
It would be a dream to work with apple ✨

Press the pegs (and switch it on)

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That's the last one for now. Working on new instruments!

Another lazerbeam here; you have to extract the files and then run i.! 🙂

Thanks Friend-chip. Where did you see it before?

Thanks Leo :D  Yeah the web version struggles with the audio. The standalone runs better, but its definitely a technical hurdle to overcome.

Thanks phendra, definitely looking forward to adding more complexity to the drum machines, just have't figure out the best way to do that. I think the next thing I want to try is being able to chain drum machines together to get longer sequences.

Ahh first lets play! Thanks you. Loved the character voice :D! Thanks for saying what you'd like to see more of at the end, very helpful.
Also very good thumbnail 👌