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This game... Just.. This game... Beautiful. Caused some beautiful rage moments, had tones of fun playing it! only found one bug, after the bus reaches is smallest size, and the next full size round starts, i couldn't find any children in the level. Apart from that, great game! 

Amazing game! The atmosphere is fantastic, i was on edge the whole time, and every jump scare got me! Truly fantastic, and lives up to the silent hill PT well.  A few little bugs, like letters remaining on screen after clicking off them, this was defiantly annoying for recording. In addition to this i couldn't figure out how to finish the game, i tried all doors and nothing worked. In the end, i gave up. Overall a fantastic game, with true potential! Rely enjoyed recording this. 

Seriously enjoyed this game! how do you lundum dare contestants do it? i honestly don't know! Loved this game, and it made a decent vid, thanks :) 

Absolutely love this game! So wacky and crazy, with some tantalisingly tricky challenges! Made great content, most fun video i've made in a while! 

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Great game! Love the aesthetic, extremely cute! Shows great potential, however a few serious bugs which need fixing. (getting stuck on objects, settings menu crashing the game) However overall, had a great time playing it! 

Great game! Not at all what i expected, well put together, and overall a true recommendation from me! not a fan of the parkour, and neither was my desk...