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Thanks for taking the time to make a video!

 We got a lot of similar feedback post jam regarding difficulty and hitboxes. We are working on those parts of the game and will update in the future. 

Really cool, saw this on twitter and couldn't wait to play it. 

The circles around the burning barrels in Pwny X Press really helps when travelling at high speed. I don't know if this was intentional but it's a nice touch. 

Love the art for all around but Futr stage takes the salt lick. 

Game  stops spawning additional apples after about 30.  I don't think 30 apples is enough to satiate the hunger of Sir Isaac Newton. 

Cool mechanic.

Yep buying/selling makes sense now. The last change I would recommend is to leave 'press Z to exit' on screen. Especially since the escape key drops you back to the pico shell.

Couldn't figure out how to buy anything. I think the city screen would be improved by displaying controls.