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Thanks for letting me know, im so pumped for the release!

is this still coming

thank you mate, that was really good of you to take time out of your day to help me out. I really appreciate it and  i hope you have a good luck on your future ventures, which i also cant wait to see (you're work is just captivating and engaging, 10/10 world building)

can't wait for more of your content :D


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(spoilers as well )

i was once able to get the scissors but i forgot how,  my email is i need directions sensei. teach me your ways

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(somewhat spoiler)

im very eager to see how lee deals with his fam issues. he's so well written i love how he hates bread  and his face contorts when hes thinking about personal subjects. when his eyes get fuzzy and his smile is strained you can tell its the emotions being repressed that are trying to get out. and his age maaaate, that makes it more tragic. the interaction with his family that might happen in future games is very well built,  i love the tension.  and im curious as to when you think the next game will take to finish, that is if you've started it already. i cant wait :D

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this game is so nice, i love the art, the music and the little details , how the interactions can vary depending on how you act.  but i need some help , im stumped. i've managed to get 6/8 endings  (spoiler alert)

lee drowned, lee was poisoned, normal ending, lee died (fight wt james), lee exploded, and the 'who?' end with the help from the spirit one. ive been at it for practically two days and its just impossible :'^/