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hmm, my pc is 64-bit, but I could be running 32-bit wine.

It's not even that, the game just doesn't seem to start

Huh. I wonder what's wrong on my end, then.

dang, doesn't seem to run on linux.

Hot air balloons occasionally spawn in the ground, or otherwise out of the range of height in which the player can actually fly.

wait, is there an *intentional* infinite jumps thing? I just spam on walls and go up.

This was a great game, but...

What is Haruka's last name?!

Firstly, just for the record, Borges is pronounced BOR-hez, not BOR-ges.

Secondly, the term "visual novel" generally refers to a specific genre of game, not a type of book. The type of book you intended to refer to this project as might be "picture book".

On the page

When I try to Transmute, I get "Unknown action 'transmute'" in the current version available on

that's something, at least

I had the same issue, and now I can't see anything after having pressed Ctrl-Shift-N. Deleting and redownloading does not fix this.

if I select all, copy, and paste it into a notepad, it says:



What would you like to do?


without quotes.

Paradise community · Created a new topic Android?

I'd really love to be able to play with this on my phone, ideally using voice recognition. The wiki article mentions something about this, but the current implementations seem less setup for something like this than a mobile implementation might be.

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I've been enjoying exploring this simulation.

In my journeys, I tried jumping down to the second floor from the bottom (jumping to the bottom floor had caused me to black out, as though I had fallen all the way down the chasm)

Because I was unable to jump to the bottom floor, I decided to take the stairs to the bottom floor.

There were no stairs, and I fell down beneath the library forever.

I reloaded the simulation, jumped down to the second last floor again, and this time, walked in the other direction.

That hallway, like the other, contained nothing.

However, when I approached it, the hallway and another room appeared, along with a number of floors below the one I was on (along with, presumably, a staircase).

I jumped down the chasm once again, to get to the lower floors faster, but blacked out immediately, as though I had reached the bottom.

When I came to, I saw that the floor below me contained a man, so I jumped down to speak to him, for I had only seen one other so far, and I wanted to see if this man was the same.

When I spoke to the man, I got a popup with a JavaScript error, and the game crashed.