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A member registered Nov 25, 2016

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2 bugs to report: The arrow texture glitch. Sometimes arrows get extremely elongated after hitting a unit or the ground.

Sometimes, randomly it seems, all the enemies will move towards the player, regardless of their range they should normally attack from. This doesnt happen often, and i have not found a way to make it happen on purpose.

Now for an idea :)

A way to choose which kind of attack you want to do with a weapon. So for example when pressing shift and attacking the player uses swiping attacks, when pressing control and attacking the player uses thrust attacks, etc.

And as always, stay awesome!

absolutely loving this game, the units, realistic weapons, the different gamemodes. it's an amazing game and you are an amazing dev!

(p.s. i got 40 in gladiator, can anyone beat that?)

Awesome game! You managed to fix the box for units not appearing, so thank you!

New glitch though, in the campaign (at least, haven't checked rest of game), whenever a person operating a siege weapon is killed and the player goes near the player can neither attack, move, drop weapons or pretty much anything...


Thank you!

Thank you!

No. I am not using Mac OS. My screen resolution is 1366 x 768. I also play on fastest graphics. I used several melee units, both red and blue, but the menu did not pop up. Hope this helps!

I have also encountered this problem once. I think it happened when I tried to pick up a weapon when I already had one. I was also using a spear, and possibly tried to pick up another spear. The invisible spear still functioned though and reappeared when I threw it.

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truly an amazing game. really fun to play and I'm very addicted to it! it's the TABS that I always wished for XD

Bit of lag which is expected on some low-ish end devices, but your clean-up system deals perfectly with it! Well done on that! Also, is there a way to deselect troop placement? Right now, the only way I could do it is placing the player and then I can select troops without placing. As well as that, the menu which pops up to enable guard mode which you talked about doesn't appear for me.

Now for an idea (I couldn't resist): How about a custom unit, like with the player equipment, where you can choose what a unit has

Again, awesome game!

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This has become my new happy place. I could just spend hours staring at the screen and listening to the music.

I've also invented a new word:


when something is so good but there are no existing words to describe its greatness

does the spy just have to survive for 3 minutes, or do they need to actually poison the pies?