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Thanks! I really wanted to implement some kind of enemy navigation, and add more levels, but I ran out of time before I could lol


I actually really liked the art style here. The movement felt good, and if you'd had more time, I reckon this game could be really good! Nice job in 1h30m tho :)

I'm currently going through all the games, so I'll get to yours eventually ;)

Definitely the best game from this jam. Great level design for the most part, sound effects were decent, and the idea was wonderful. 

I actually really enjoyed my time with this game!

I did tell people to. On the download page it has instructions of how to install.

Infinite jump made the game confusing to play, but it was a  great idea! I'd change the way the physics work, as they were quite wacky at times. 

Heyyyyyy that's pretty goood

thank you so much! I was hoping to add boss fights, but it was just a bit too ambitious in a week. Thankyou! 

this only works on Mac, so that might be why. It is a Mac .zip file 

Seems legit