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Thank you very much :>

Thank you for playing :)

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Ok so after figuring out Harvest root vegetables in the correct order to gather points the game made a hella lot more sense xD.

I dunno, I read that as a tag line or something.

First I thought you have to place them so I was confused that sometimes the next image was not the vegetable I placed. Funny thing is, the thought process is actually quite similar. I skimmed through the tiles to check which one could be a valid tile and clicked those. Only difference being that constructing them ofc has an immediate loose condition similiar to Minesweeper (in which I suck btw.). Doing it the way you did you avoided a finite end but I feel like some sort of end would be nice especially since sometimes a new generated(?) field feels easier than a previous one.

But I like :) Neat little game. Oh and I like those faces. It’d be fun if they make face whenever you guessed them wrong or something. xD

Thank you very much :)

Thank you :) Adaptive FOV is definietly an area that could use some improvements. I am not sure about how, but I am sure we will find a way.

Thank you :)

Thank you for playing. I guess I know what you are meaning :)

Thank you :)

Thank you :)

Well, the collider is over-sized, but I guess you mean the scales in comparison. That is probably a result of the way we made the levels. Up until friday it was just collison polygons…

Thank you for the feedback. The movement definetly needs some improvements, but that is an area where you can and need to spend hours :)

Uh. I probably have an idea what happend, but it should be only temporary after leaving a platform and somehow, the reparenting logic didn’t work. Moving platforms are a pain xD

Thank you for playing :) Do you mean unsynced animations or sliding like in sliding when it should be standing for instance on platforms?

Thank you. Michelle and Emma worked hard to create all the assets. Do you know how to adjust the camera zoom according to the viewport size. I didn’t find a satisfying sulution yet.

We just fixed that

Thank you :)

Yes, I forgot to test the html build… It is fixed now.

Thank you for the kind words. Let’s say, there are like ten more levels designed… We were a little tight on our time budget.

Thank you for your kind words. I had six very different core puzzles planned for three rooms plus some normal interactions throughout the building. I had only time for 30h of work on the prototype, much less than I anticipated. A bit sad that I hadn't had the time for audio and doing the keycard/keypad mechanic. I think I am going to continue this project for a while at unsteady pace :)

Thank you for the hint. I will try that later this day :)

I could really use some feedback on how to activate the solar altar. I put four runes onto it and nothing happens. I decrypted the stones, but I don't understand how they help me to pass the first "test" (The earth gave birth...)

Thank you :D

How long did it take for you to get through the game?