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Okay so here is my problem i can't click the load or the start button or anything  

Toresoooo 馃槶馃槶馃槶 i swear to god i'm dying HAHAHAHA JK

I'm fine

Yow sup just checking how are you guys doing been a while since i comment here

Just want to ask if there will be an update

could be 

What was?

there there i'm sure you helped him don't be so harsh on yourself  

Hey gruntsteel i want more of john time 馃槶馃槶馃槶 

Ohhh by the was when's the update hehehe

It was fine hahaha馃槍

Hey Drakes just want to ask if there will be an update or will the story continue in Distant travels?

Hey toreso i'm back just checking on you hope you doing fine, ummm hehehe are you done yet i miss cute Edan and Mr. Buck


oh wow a new update yey

This clears a lot of things

hmm seems to me that someone has been under jash unholy power

Yow i'm back


Only months

Hey toreso just want to say hi hope your doing okay and can't wait for the new model and for the update 

yey! I can taste more of john's flirting hehehehe

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Well yeah i guess hahahaha 

If you know distant travel and play john's route and you'll unlock a memory play the memory you will see something or rather someone familiar 

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Just want to ask who's update it's gonna be

Hope it's john thou 馃槜

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Hey jash sup sorry to break your bubble but i think it's another planet not another world

But yeah i miss them too

don't think so he gave the mc a co*d*m and wink at him 

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Goodluck Toreso 

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I don't get it my mind is flying everywhere

ohh god you guys need to be purified 

Ohhh god what's happening here the comments have become evil again and tasting some milk (鈼廮_鈼)

yeah kinda into him lol

in ML? if i'm not wrong

i know right there super cute and four of them got my interest 

Who? I'ma crush there balls jk

This comment section is as active as ever just popping back and saying hi belated happy valentine's 

Don't worry it's not hiatus or anything there probably busy

Family business he said

I'll add you

dude i thought we were gonna play馃槬

mga 4 or 5?