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Thank you for your help. =]

Sorry, I forgot to attach the image.

I am having problems exporting images in the last two versions of the software. In case someone else has this problem, or managed to solve it.


Good afternoon, there are few things in fact. That might be useful for many people.

- An option to save the state of the layer configuration, in order not to have to reconfigure an entire character the next time you enter the application.
- an option to save all animations in a single file, for those who prefer to work that way inside the engine.
- possibility to change the background color of the animation preview, in order to see how the configuration of certain colors are working with the environment.

There are just a few things I missed, not demands.
Once again I have to say, your job is very good.

ps: again, sorry for my google english. =]

I bought your app. Fantastic job. Congratulations. You are allowing people who cannot create art to develop their game with quality. I'm really enjoying it.

Question: can we suggest features for the program?
Thank you and congratulations.
PS: I don't speak English very well, so I translated with Google, sorry if it's not clear.

Wonderful. I'm buying, it will be very useful for me. How much license can I use in commercial products?

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Amazing work

Hello, congratulations on the quality of the assets. I bought your package through steam together with the rpg maker. My question, to use in other game engines I need to buy again or can the license of the package sold by steam / rpg maker be used, for example, to develop games on the godot engine? thank you

Great job.

Very good game. Art is fantastic. A great metroidvania. Congratulations.

I can't stop playing. It is difficult and fun. Congratulations.

They are beautiful assets. I ask because I am creating an educational game that will be sold. I need to know about the license and if it is allowed to change some tiles in my project. Also the form of credits if needed.

Sorry about my English...

Qual a licença? Pode ser usado comercialmente?