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Reducing time limit by player movement is actually quite interesting concept. It kind of forces the player to think what is the best route to "speedrun" a level. I enjoyed the platforming feeling quite a bit too!

Great job! Thb: This was my first round of survivor games ever and I have to say I'm sold ;) 

Well done code&nalle! Quality submission ;-) I kinda expected enemies to appear from the mining sites (places where green crystals were). 

"This feat was accomplished in 155 days". Very nice jam entry! I especially like the art style and the colors.

Challenge accepted!

32 secs! Very cool entry! Now I'm kind of interested in reading the book too :)

This is awesomeness! My PB is still 15 bears left at ca. 10 minutes. Now another round...

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I really liked the atmosphere & the visuals of the game! Actually I liked it so much, I hope there would be a follow-up/extended version some day :) Thanks for crafting such a nice jam entry.

Not sure what happened there. Just tested and did manage to level 6. Once I accidentally knocked a cat out of play field which led to soft lock...but that should not happen anymore with very high wall collision shapes surrounding the field.

Nice retro look and I absolutely love the soundtrack!