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Harsh Singh

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🥰 Indeed

Really nice work. Can't believe it's finally here!

They don't seem to be working for me, no.

Can you add a Linux build as well?

Fun game.

Cool little game! Love the initial concept of of this, and had fun playing it. The player felt smooth to control, and some lost some rounds just having fun moving the player. The use of artwork in this is nice, looks calm and relaxing to the eyes. Overall, 5/5, well done :)!

That would be if I thought the game had a good concept : P

the game is buggy, underpolished, and suffers from a lack of communication. 

thank you :)!

let's pretend you...just had to make them invisible 😃

thank you so much for your nice words!, and yes, it is based off of kurgesagt!

bud, you should learn the basics of counting and reading before trying your hand at game development. 

haha yeah, thanks for checking it out!

ah yeah. i'm pretty sucky when it comes to sound design >:(

good job, cool little platformer with good amounts of polish, really enjoyed your unique take on the rewind theme, keep it up ben, yannick, and gizmo. 


if (good looking && well executed && good take on the theme && original)     {

                                       rating = 5;



oh man! this is awesome :)!

oh hey Aqua! 👋

thanks so much for responding, Yilian.

i tink i dint undertand how to spel either

(1 edit)

unban if game reaches top 100? 👀 ~  harsh.

Hello! I'm sadly not part of the awesome brackeys discord server due to some mistakes that i've made. I'm still allowed to partake in this jam, correct? 


i thought the bullets were out of control, as they were bouncing everywhere. but anyways, thanks for your amazing feedback !

thanks so much!

thanks so much!

thanks so much, it means a lot !

since the bullets were out of control, as they were moving everywhere across the screen, i know it's not great, but yeah. 

thanks so much  for your feedback !

oh cool!

thanks for your feedback!

thank you very much!

started at 11 years old actually, but thanks for letting me know your thoughts on the game!

thanks for the support & feedback bro!

thanks so much :) appreciate it!

thanks so much for you feedback!

the "spawn sound" was the only one i found online lmfaooooo. but yea, thanks for your feedback man, i appreciate it so much.

amazing game, great job man. 

forgot 😬 sorry.