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Wow! This is an awesome example of really stretching Pico8 to try new cool and unusual things! Good job matching with the theme, and keep up the good work. 

Ya'll did awesome! Great job on the models and making such a fleshed out game! It seems like the button capture mechanic can be pretty easily bypassed if every player just mashes the buttons, maybe a penalty for that could be good?

Cool project and top-notch itch page! Congrats on completing this, it is an awesome accomplishment especially with using an entirely bespoke software library like Beholder. 

Also difficulty settings could play a role in this? Or just having an endless mode where the difficulty stays wherever you set it. Would be great for neuro-divergent accessibility 

You made a game in just a few hours, thats an accomplishment! You learned a ton, I hope you keep on making games!

Retro graphics and retro sound effects, I love it! Having a tutorial/intro is something that a lot of games in jams don't get the time to do, but it adds a lot of story, and context to your game that I appreciated. 

I might make the circle of light around the character a little more pixelated to match the rest of the retro aesthetic. Otherwise, its a really cool game! It feels cohesive and the visuals are creative and interesting. My favorite part is definitely the text and UIs!

I love the pixel art! It's expressive and creative, and there's obviously a lot of love put into the assets. The core gameplay mechanics of top-down shooting appear to be solid and fun. I think the lack of player animation is a little disconcerting, but it sounds like you guys learned a TON from this project. 

That's the whole point of game jam's imo, is learning new things, failing gracefully, and for those that want to, building with a whole new team! Congrats on learning so much and creating a fun game! 

Congratulations on your first game jam! The assets look cool, and the gameplay was easy to understand. I think I would love to see some user-interface in the future to know how much health my character has, and what the controls are. 

This is a fantastic example of a project without any tutorial! Good job, and I hope you keep making games!

Wow! Its so cool to see a fully fledged FPS during a 2 day game jam. I really love the stylized castle surroundings, and the gameplay looks solid and fun! 

My small critiques: the asset for the grass seems way more detailed than the surroundings, even if it is a bit pixelated. Maybe something a bit more geometric? The difficulty ramps up really quickly, I think that you should get your player comfy with controls, abilities, and different weapons before you throw them to to wolves.

Overall, I think it is approaching a cohesive design language, and the mechanics seem solid. Shooting the guns feels responsive, which is really hard to achieve! This game is an achievement especially considering the 48 hour time limit! Good job to all your team!

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Pretty UI! The dynamic animations are super impressive. Integrating multiplayer for a game jam game seems ambitious but you guys pulled it off tremendously well. Also impressed by the home-grown assets!

Ya'll creates such a polished, clean, and visually interesting game that I'm looking forward for more of all your guyses stuff in the future. 

The effort you put into dialog and other text really shows! The narrative seems really cool and I'm looking forward to reading through more of your story. The time mechanic seems well integrated and the whole game fits within the theme really well! I think you used the assets and existing RPG Maker structure well to create a game that works in the theme! 

Of course my favorite part was the doogs/cnc references :)