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fuck yeah !! solid (-;

i wanna make replay ghosts share online too!! thanks for getting me stoked

gnarly !! thx 4 letting me know (:

haha oh my gosh!! new bug to me (;

what platform are you on? thanks

haha yess!! love it (=

fuck yeah thats awesome !!

thx a bunch i hope to see tiny crate on there (:

aa thx 4 the great feedback!! im glad you had fun with 98% of the puzzles xD yeah that level is a long haul (-;

please look around the code! peeking at open source games helped me make ROTA !

i hope so! the auto running is a bug 0-; i dont experience it on my device altho ive seen it happen on others phones! i hope to fix it (+; thx 4 the feedback !

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awesome thank you!! your run is amazing thats the fastest ive seen (=

thx !

thank you!! i call it "attract mode" like an old arcade game playing itself (:

i simulate the joystick moving & buttons being pressed/released in a specific order ! its like a replay ^.^

sweet im glad to hear thank you!!

im working to improve the android touch controls on certain devices, im stoked it works for you (=

there is now a bell chime & a blinking timer when you beat a level or beat your fastest run!

the key assigned to "clear" in the key mapping menu will clear that slot, scrolling down to the bottom of the page there is a button for reset to defaults!

awesome video, thank u! (=

thank you for sharing! (+:

glad you figured it out!! its a puzzle game after all (-;

thank uu lots! im glad you are in the zone & having fun (-: yesss all over the leaderboards!

hmm interesting, i havent encountered that thank uu for telling me! (-:

aaa thx so much i appreciate you! glad to inspire (-;

thank you! (-=

fun game! didnt expect know what to expect & felt very cozy solving this puzzle

simple, fun & challenging!

thank you!! great video (= 36 minutes is an awesome full run!

hehe (+;

awh thank you!! yess stoked 4 u 2 play (=

hahaha wow interesting im curious how you did that! (; i hope you get a clip!

thank you! aa right on i'd love to have a listen!! im thinking of a different song for each world (= DM me on twitter @harmony_hunnie

sweeet love it! (= thx

aaa glad to hear thank u!

fun game!! i beat it before i realized there was more to collect (-;

lovely world design!

fun game! physics feel good

fun game! very cool concept thats new to me (:

u r welcome!! (= u got this!

aah thank uu!! im using the 3.5 branch!! i heard that 4.x does not yet support apple platforms on HTML5 export!! hopefully thats added soon (+: you could downgrade to 3.x altho i'd wait it out in your case!! (=

haha sweet i also made a game called jet boy using gamemaker! im going to try this when im on a pc

Thank you! I used Reason 10 Digital Audio Workstation. I'll call the genre EDM (; hehe

thank uu! (=

awesome game ! fun physics (;

I beat it in 7:54

definitely a new way to hold the keyboard for me! love to challenge my muscle memory

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love it! (=

the story & voice acting is awesome 2 hehe

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oh man that was challenging!

it's too easy to double click and use both save at once by accident, same for left clicking. Please make a small cooldown between adding checkpoints! thanks.

i love the simple art style & moving pieces! inspiring me