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Harmony Honey

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21 levels right now! <3(:


awesome thank u!! glad u finished it(:

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so rad! this has a lot of room to grow <3 (-: I can see a lot of fun interactions with this mechanic!

the presentation is gr8! I felt the mood..

Absolutely! Here you go (=

I was hesitant to release this project at first because it's a bit messy ;^.^ hopefully you can make sense of it!

Thanks for your interest <3 (:

Light Hearted community · Created a new topic Cute demo!
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I love the art style (: excited to see more! <3

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i am winnnerrr (=

thank you! hopefully i will add a screenshake option (+;

thank u! <3 (:

there is no license! feel free to use it how you like(+:

You are welcome! That's awesome thank you so much!! I'm stoked you are poking around and modifying the game!<3 (+: Hope this helps you get comfy with Godot! ^.^

thx so much!! and thats an unintended mechanic i left in(;

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<3Thank you!(+:

awh thank you! i appreciate it!^.^<3

I have included the Source for download now! <3

Hopefully you are able to open up the project! I believe I used GameMaker Studio 2 for this, although it could have been GMS1! (:


fun game! i got to try every power (;

fun game! (;

cute art style! <3

i did it! fun game (;


lovely game! (;

Fun demo! Great tribute to king's field! I found the Mace (:

This formula works well together!

its a catchy tune!(;

i beat it!! lovely game, the last puzzle is challenging! (:

i did find the music a bit high energy for solving puzzles!

thank you! xD i believe its available if you visit (+;

haha interesting! thanks (;

thank you!(:

thank u!(: i will

thank u!(=


no, its fun thoo! haha (:

super fun game! went back and found all the crystals.

love the platforming and movement mechanics! totally unique and i could see a whole adventure with these (:

figured out how to get out of bounds (: hehe

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fun game! how do i pass the 16 point puzzle? i got the bottom two dice to six each, but the top left dice i can only manage to make it one, two or three.

fun game! last puzzle was good (=


hey i just released a demo yesterday!!(: go ahead and play ^.^


thanks! hope u enjoy (:

lovely game!