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Again! Just awesome game! dont stop making games!

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This game is so awesome! please make more of this! keep on going creating great games!

What a short little game! I had fun playing it, but i ran into alot of bugs :D

This game is AWESOME! Great Atmosphere! Some minor bug encountered, but hey! its an prototype!

Keep on going, making great games!

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Such an awesome and beautiful game! that arts & graphics got me! i want more of this!

Hey Crux Game Studios!

Cool short Game! Was somewhat predictable but keep up making games like these! :) 

awesome game! some minor bugs but GREAT AFTER ALL! Thank you!

Great job on this game! keep up with that!

Super awesome game! great job! keep up with taht!

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Great & very athmospheric Gameplay!

Keep up and create more games like that!

Awesome and funny game! Had alot of fun play'n it 😁

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What an awesome experience!

Great conecept and art! Keep up with your work!!

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i REALLY liked that game! such a NICE art and GOOD concept!! Keep up with your work and make a sequel 😁 !! Thank you! 

Such an MARSTERPIECE of PURE ART! ESPECIALLY the END is a MASTERPIECE by itself! 'nough talk :D GREAT GAME! KEEP UP with Games like THAT!

Story & Game 10/10!

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Nice little game! 

The Musicpart was a bit boring after the 50th loop. but overall a good game!

keep up with your work! 😁

Really nice game!! I like that colorful, cozy and beautiful Art! Had alot of fun!

Keep up with your hard work!

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Awesome creepy game!! Art and style just fits perfectly with that blair witch reference!!

Keep up with your hard work!

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Awesome Game! Alot of tension and athmosphere!!

Keep up with your work! 

Great game! Great concept & Art! Keep up with that!

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Awesome game! I had alot of fun! Keep up with your work!!

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Awesome Update! Had alot fun!! Keep up with your great work!

awesome!!1 had alot of fun playin' it :D keep up with your work!

Awesome game! Pretty funny 😂 need more of this! Thank you! 

Awesome game! Had alot fun! Keep up with your work!

hey there!

awesome content, i had alot of fun!

There is something behind you!

Great Concept and Gameplay! Keep up with your work!

Great experience! Keep up with your work!

Awesome atmosphere! Great experience! Keep up making games like that!

Solid short & creepy game!

Awesome and funny! And thats all just with a small baby!

Great Game!

GREAT and SCARY game! Awesome!