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just report it here.

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This is the reason why you should cook your food in fire. Placing apple near fire makes it baked apple, which recovers 2 hearts. Remember that the resources are finite. Also, wooden sword can catch fire. But still, I like it. There is only a few play-throughs of this game in youtube.

Thanks for showing that korok leaf can create a fireball when used near fire.

This game is still in demo. You can't complete it.

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I already completed the demo (I think). I got wooden sword, korok leaf, iron hammer, quiver, 3 heart containers, Running Boots, Woodcutter's axe, Apple (Baked), Calamari (Cooked), Flint, 2 Bows and Arrows. Is that all?

Also, I can't wait for the full release of this game!

Is there any way of moving the log apart from pushing it? IDK what to do with it?