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Would be a 10/10, but I didn't figure out how to click on his little toesies :(

Man, this game was so much fun. The connectivity between movement and attacking, combined with the weapon customisation aspects, made the combat system feel really interesting and dynamic. The vibes were also very much on point!

Absolutely love this one! The concept's great and the progression feels great, especially with how frantic it gets near the end

Finally a game for a bullet magnet like me!

Managed to get into quite a nice flow once I started to get the hang of it 

Really like the sound design! The torch lighting is also very cool

Was sold on this game from the title alone, and was happy to find a simple but satisfying platformer.

Absolutely love the little protagonist guy btw

Hey! Sorry but as the game was made in Pico-8, there is unfortunately no way to change the key binds. Sorry for the inconvenience

Best game I've ever played, 10/10 will recommend to everyone I ever meet

Those are some really good times, well done!

A fantastic  game, truly magnificent

Thank you for your comment! I'm glad you liked my game~

Really cool game so far! Excited to see the finished product.

My only two criticisms with the game so far is the lack of button mapping and a progress bar for the songs (although I might just be blind).

 Keep up the good work :)

Great! Let me know if/when it gets verified. Might have to submit a few runs myself 👀

That would be awesome! Go ahead~

This was great!

Really fun little puzzle game! My only feedback is that I wish there was a way to pull objects, but other than that it was great~

Damn, that's an insane time, congrats!

Thanks for your continued support with the game! I'll get these patched when I have the time~

Wow, congrats on such great runs! 4:53 is the by far the best time I've seen so far, and I'm glad you're enjoying my game enough to speed run it.

As for the glitches you found, I'll try and get them fixed for the next update. Thank you for your feedback, and good luck with your future runs!

Oh, that's not good. Do you know what you did to get into the wall? Did it involve the bouncy Mushrooms?

Thanks for the heads up, I'll look into it! Glad you enjoyed the game aside from that.

Thank you so much for your Feedback! 

I've now implemented auto respawning into the game and have reduced the spawn rate of the falling rocks in Mt.Combustion.