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I Had way more fun with this game than i should've, and im so glad you decided to make this, made for one memorable recording session!

Congrats on achieving such a beautiful game with such a simple medium!
I Hope to see more games from you down the trail!

- HardDuckman <3

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We Need a wider repertoire of Crab Combatants!
I Love Whacking them crabbbsss  - HardDuckman <3 

Their stomachs never full, ravenous roars echo the walls, what happens when they aren't fed!?!?

My playthrough beings: this game is instantly snagging my attention!

I'm so psyched to continue Embry's story!!

-HardDuckman <3

IS IT A BIRD, IS IT A- ... What in gods heavenly name is that horrific amalgamation lurking in the woods?

... Let's call it Squirrel Man... something friendly

This game is one of the best i've done! -HardDuckman

Only a quarter through my summer partys with the guys and everything already splits in half like the titanic!

I am loving this game so far! -HardDuckman

An absolutely top notchy rodeo of spiciness! Fantazzzletic game!

- HardDuckman

A Crown Worthy story that needs experiencing by everyone that exists and will exist!

Super entertaining game!

Thank you for all the goodness!     -HardDuckman

You have pulled off a truly special experience with Candy Scabs! Your cutesy shrowd of an artstyle was hiding the surprise gore! ... and let me tell you something... It Definitely caught me off guard! Thank you for all the work put into making this game and ever releasing it for free!

All the Bestie Best!  -HardDuckman

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This is The Ultimate Rage Relief Remedy People!

A Crazy great game with, Superb Music choice, and a very Angry Foot! 1000/10   -HardDuckman

I Had wayyy to much fun running around as a prostitute being chased by a murderer.
Thanks for a great Experience!

anddddd Part 2! (The Finale!)
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Whatttt a way to get Festive this year, thanks for making this holiday memorable!(P.S Pardon my thumbnail, I've had a busy day and ill be making one proper tomorrow!)


A Glorious Snowman Massacring experience!
Unlimited Ammo, Rocket Launchers and Tons of Snowmen to shred into snowballs already had this game made, then it came packed with a great graphic style n' music!
Personal Holiday favourite so far, Thank you for the fun!

- HardDuckman 

This was a fantastic little experience! Had my share of Christmas joy from smashing Blue Cups
- HardDuckman

By far my favourite monster i've encountered while gaming.
Come on, ITS A LAMPPOST MONSTER, ITS AMAZING       - <3 HardDuckman

Worst Bathroom ever, nonetheless it wasnt the worst cleaning job I've been paid todo. 
P.S The Monster was Terrifyingggg

Wasn't expecting to find a dead man today, but finding Jcat remains the most important thing todo.

Dead man or not, I've got a cat to find

(The Final Episode of my Playthrough is coming out on Monday. Until then, have fun watching the video) - HardDuckman :)

I EpiEEEasoafi

I just released Part 2 of the playthrough on my channel.

Little side note; The animations you did for our character moving around are terrific.

I love seeing how much love and detail visibly went into the creation of this game

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I Swear to the all mighty man above (Or not) I'll find Jcat if my little pixelated life depends on it.

Seriously though, this game is a gorgeous little gem that'll sit as one of my very top games that i've done on my channel so far.

More than glad to hear you liked it my man.

If you wanna see more content from the channel, feel free to subscribe, I'm only 11 people away from 400 Subsscribers!

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Detective H.Duckman on the case.

This mission is one like never before, Statues with big ol' honkers, creeky door leftovers, pervert nazi ghosts and the most horrifying discovery of all..... there's a recipe for Belle Delphine's Bath Water.

I absolutely loved playing through this and i have to give big old props to the developers for doing such a terrific job.  

I'm hoping you enjoy my playthrough just as much as I did when hopping into the game

                                                                      - HardDuckman <3

Never in my life, have i ever met a worst party host. 0/10 I Helped him with everything and he still ended up mashing my brain potatoes!? What a guy.


That one chair in the was the cherry on top of such a interesting and terrific game

My lord, The aesthetic of this game was just terrific. To the beautiful son of a Friend, please keep making games. I'd also love to see a longer version of urbex or something similar in style because this was just too good. 

If you end up checking out my video on the game, I hope that you'll enjoy it just as much as i did playing    - <3 HardDuckman

My mannnn, i thoroughly enjoyed the entirety of the game. The Atmospere, the subtle sounds, the jumpscares. MWAH, you've done an amazing job

Mannnnnn, what a terrific experience. I never even encountered a monster and i was scared out of my brainnnn

If you wanna see me somehow miss 1 of the 4 code numbers while directly looking at it. Then for the love of everything that is Spukhaus watch this video

Out of every horror game i've laid my hands on thus far into doing youtube, this game managed to make my heart beat faster than this god blessed character can run.

If you watch my video you can easily tell how much this scared me.

Thank you for making such a wonderful little experience