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Any chance to release it on Steam?

I failed a chess puzzle (because I didn't read the letter first lol), and it became inactive, I can't interact with it anymore. Tried to die - didn't help.

Okay, so. It's a good horror, but! If you have a fear of bugs (especially moths, duh) DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT play this! It's not some kind of joke or marketing or whatever. Moths in this game made my skin crawl. It's a good game but I won't play it ever again. No thanks.

I haven't seen something like this in a long, long time. Pure bliss. And that toilet dweller got me, too. 10 out of 10. If this is not a game of the year, then what's even the point?

No. Just no. I'm sorry, I love indie horrors, but no. One step outside - "use radio". Okay, no prob, I "use radio" and listen to some talking (well read some talking, but nwm). Then again I make one tiny step outside - "use radio". Again and again. Why not just say what you want to say, like, right now? Is it some kind of a podcast episodes? I ran back and forth for four or five times! Because USE. TF. RADIO.

Okay, I give it to you, that bench got me.

There is a good atmosphere and some tension but they are not really going anywhere. You move around solving puzzles (one puzzle to be precise) and then that's it. I didn't find all of the pieces though, maybe it does something secret. Again, good lighting, good graphics overall. Interaction with surroundings is a little janky. Overall, not really a horror, but I see a big potential here. After I played dev's other games, I'm sure of it. Please keep up a good work and you will release something really great some day.

This is something interesting. It's a concept, but a good one. I only got one of three endings, but I liked what I saw. Secret labs and forbidden experiments is an always welcomed theme, especially when executed right. That "1 life form outside" while I was inside is exactly what I'm talking about.

This one is short and sweet, you got something here, dev.

Not bad? Great work with lighting, the eye was pretty terrifying, but! Not really a horror game. All I did was walking back and forth, looking for cards and some things, and nothing was happening at all. It was just me in the darkness. Sticks run out too quickly and because of that I didn't pay attention to pictures and their descriptions. All in all, not bad but not something to remember. Good for letsplays with some jokes I guess.

Time to clean some boyz!

For a 72h made game it was a bliss. Would love to see a bigger game with this idea and mechanics.

Really not bad, you got style! Please continue to make games, you're onto something good.

Your English is pretty poor, comrade. Maybe stick to Russian?

All in all, game is an illogical mess.

- Hello! I need help!

- Hello! Go to the grandpa!

- Okay! Oh, by the way, I'll just take your flashlight, you don't mind, right?

And then:

- Hello! I need help!

- No! You should wait till morning, 'cause it's dangerous at night!

- Okay! Then I'll run in to the darkness, blabbering like an idiot about the car I left behind. And then I'll turn around and run back. Because running is fun.

Really sweet game! Mouse sensitivity option is a must though

I really think you should publish your games on Steam, it could have more good horror games.

Wishlisted in an instant! Support your indie devs - that's what you (yes, you) should do.

Turn-based retro horror?! Already wishlisted, will buy as soon as it's out. *salivating intensely*

It was really sweet, love it!

It was surprisingly great, I want a bigger game like this! Great job!

It was interesting and pretty unexpectable. I mean, it was pretty obvious that something's off (it's a horror game duh) but I didn't expect some kind of a ghost story. Two things though. First, it should be either night vision or flashlight. Both just won't work. And second, if you start the game over (I restarted it once), all the ammo you picked up remains. So I was pretty much ready for a little army. Nonetheless, it was enjoyable!

Bite-sized horror game. A little unsettling, a little spooky, just the thing.

It was good! I'll look forward to your future projects!

That's strange. SCP-087-B was developed and released a long time ago, in 2012 by Joonas Rikkonen (Regalis). Why is it 2020 and some other author? 

I ralely laugh. This game caused sincere laugh and a smile on my face. Great little game.

A couple of good spooks, well done!

Not bad at all! Scary little game, like it!

One moment though. It's strange then you're being told to run and you can't actually run. So maybe implement running thing next time.

It was very short but very pleasant experience! I really hope that someday it will become something bigger, make its way on Steam, and I will happily buy it.

Oh-ho-ho! You definetely got my attention!

It's so lovely and heartwarming! And that relief in the end! Great game!

Loved it! Great "The Thing" feeling. Hope you will make something else like this. And this is just my thoughts, but such game would be really cool in first person.

It's really good! And that kid scared the s**t out of me! Will follow you now, Dev. Oh, I will follow you...

Hope to see some updates eventually. Keep up the good work! You guys are great!

Sweet little game with a little and cute protagonist! :3

I stopped at 1008 pts and only because my hand tired.

It was great! Rated it. Hope you will create something else!

Following you now... >_>

Hi, dear Dev!

I've expirienced a bug. This little girl stucked in a path and I couldn't get through.

She was running in place.  It was on a path when I heard crying noises.

Please look into it.