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Welp Good game,The tutorial,dream 1 and 2 was fun to play and have good strategy when you understand how to dodge the bullet and when to inhale pink bullet

Sadly,Can't say the same for dream 3 since the slow movement when inhale plus the enemy hit box so low that you have to be at same height to land the hit,Not to mention the boss also move which make very risky to be around it.

Luckily around down corner and health bar,You can hide and inhale when a bullet past through,but i feel like i don't legit play how it was suppose to,my only solution is to able shot down and up instead left and right only

That all i can say,thank you for making this also maybe add little music since kind of lonely when playing lol =)

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Welp,I don't have any regret eating everything,That was fun and also amazing short game maybe in the future game make buffet knight have cameo,that be fun and also thx for making this game =)

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A classic tale of found a item inside chest/trunk,Where mine tho jk lol.

But that joke aside,Great remake of the game with a twist plus added challenge even tho for veteran who know the game well is its easy challenge as long follow the two rule.

Row and Patience,That all and again thx for the Experience =)

Awesome game,I need lot of thinking and mash click all my possible choice lol.

Tho the only thing make me sad is the last lvl since in all the lvl its was possible to get rid of all chess piece.

meanwhile in last lvl it wasn't possible to get rid the bishop because when you want to land on the black spike its always when black spike retract.(it when there is no spike on the square)

My only solution is to make box come 1 turn early,then it might possible to finish do it,Again good game nonetheless and keep up the good work =)

Oh thx for reply,So i can do that and also credit you right ?.

Again thx,From:HaqFox =)

Can we use this asset to make game that purchasable as long we give credit or not ?

Done it,Final lvl was hard,good game =