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how to launch version 0.5?

Is there going to be another update soon. I`m really looking forward to it.

I`m playing on my laptop. And i found the problem, the launcher didnt open 0.2 it opened 0.1, but everything is good now.

The problem was on my part.

also is there anymore to the story right now

i`ll start the game and take a screenshot

this update isnt working for me

which one is the recent file when launching the game.

ok just wanted to know. just finished chapter 2 and its pretty good though the end was a cliffhanger, put me at the end of my seat.

are you working on the chapter 3?

Ok thanks!!

when will the chapter 2 be free to the public

anyone have a save file i can use for the new update?

can you change the movement system and speed it up a bit

i wasn`t really paying attention when i typed that

when is chapter two going to be released puplicy?

i dont have money to get patreon

i didn`t go out with the cop chick and i still got that result.

When is the fifth chapter coming out i just finished the fourth chapter, i have to say im not thrilled about it but its still a good game. keep up the good work!!

why can`t i download the game?