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This game piqued my interest <3 Keep up the good work

And also mabuhay kaya mo yan support kita ^^

Thanks lyga <3

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Hmm I can't seem to have access on the Giant Undertaking event 

Thanks for the update tho Lyga <3

Wow.... Just wow.... This is absolutely gorgeous and fun to play ^^Ik that this is just a demo but damn I already fell in love to this game 

Cheers to you guys who made this game <3

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*saw Yuya Yanagi*

Love me some bad boy <3

Why is there no android demo? :(

Android version is out ya yeet

Oohh Shirokoi is on Itch yeeeeeeeee I loved your game soooo muchh Sissel for Life 😍

Can't wait for the 0.2.6 ver. For android uwu

Is Bahamut a new character? 

Oh Imma go and take that kiss HAHA

There's no NSFW right? XD

Lol I'm sorry ahaha but is he getting a new scene? 

I'm super late at the update but man I love it hope I get to see more belly Inflation scenes lol

I still can't get the extra scene with Tobias lol please help

Oooohhh look at that bulge in his stomach thank you for this wonderful update :D I hope you add more sex scenes in the game Im looking forward for the next update 

This is so good keep up the good work :D

Love how the prince'sstomach bulges when the monster go deep

Thank youuu so much

Oof thanks for the reply is there a way to have tobias like the player? He has the same thing to say everytime meet him

How do I get Eidolon and Tobias to show up?

Btw this game is lit I hope there's an swf version of this

Ohhh thank you I thought it was my phone lol

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There's always an error that pops up every single time I played this game,it says that something is missing like the image. 

please help me