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once again, you are not sans

there is. read settings

they reduce prices

Since I haven't seen many structure builds, here is my contribution. I killed king by stacking the shivs up to 80 or so damage and stalling with haste. (Yes of course the shield had haste.)

A little thing you may have noticed that far too few people know, is that a float object can hold up a heavy object and a heavy object can hold down a float object. Consider a balloon for your next earthblade(runeblade?) I don't remember what it's called but it does more damage depending on how much space there is below it, maxing at 17. So you can just hold it up with a bubble or balloon. Just make sure the sword is already supported on the top in some way so it can get up there and once your balloon/bubble is in place, feel free to remove other support!

Little build i like to call the bird and the bees. Sticky grip, trigger, and stock, birdcage barrel, and drum mag.

happens to me whenever i reload the page. i get sent back to my very first run

well yeah but 100 weakness would take like an hour

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... so turns out that if you put enough weakness on a slime and you can't do enough damage to oneshot, you can softlock due to regen scaling. I learned this in the first battle of my second run



yeah, get good.

no. no. you. did. not. just press r.

need a forge. crucible and something else i dont remember

shovel. not spoon

shaved ice

ok so. hook on the thing n wiggle while holdin a

press r. it's literally for things like this.

MAYBE, the game is SUPPOSED to be difficult. Ur just bad. The game's fun BECAUSE it's difficult, NOT in spite of it.


not an easter egg... everyone has to see it if they want to win

i was onboard until i saw gacha club. The creator is honestly a great gamemaker and he made my favorite game. It was called Gacha World. He was making a sequel "Gachaverse", but he released the demo with a studio before the combat system. it became known as a studio game and he stopped development because of it. he made gacha club because of backlash, but the combat is different and the story is much worse. Hence, i hate gacha skits and the people who make them, because they got the sequel to gacha world cancelled.

hint: you use geoffrey for most of it

I love this game. I spent a while upgrading my garden for fun!

There is a small issue however. Upgrading a strength plant beyond level 3 will remove the bonus you get from it.

Game is still amazing. I have attached a picture of my... somewhat overleveled garden.