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Great, quick game! The atmosphere kept me on edge throughout and I had no clue where the game was going to go. Keep up the great work! :)

Super eerie game with a fantastic atmosphere! Definitely would recommend for some great, quick spooks and scares. Keep up the awesome work! :))

I went into this game not expecting much, but was honestly blown away! Great tense & spooky atmosphere that genuinely spooked me at some points. Great work! (:

I am very excited to see where this game goes! The tension and overall atmosphere were very engaging, and the actual gameplay itself got very intense at some points. I can't wait for the full release :)

(gameplay starts ~6:00!)

Considering that this was made in under 24 hours, this is a very well made game! Had some great spooks in it, and i loved that there were  different endings :)

(gameplay starts ~0:15!)

Spooky atmosphere and a very interesting concept! I loved that there were different endings to explore :))

This game is amazing!! Somehow it nailed down the exact kind of horror that terrifies me and had me on the edge of my seat every second playing it. I definitely only scratched the surface with my playthrough and can't wait to explore more of it! :)) 

Very interesting game! The dialogue, atmosphere, and overall storyline of this were very well produced and had me absolutely hooked in the game till the very end. I love that there's different routes you can explore and hope to check all of them out! Keep creating amazing work :)

Super creepy game! It was really interesting seeing how the story unfolded (or rather... unboxed...??) over the course of it. Definitely had me invested and spooked me! :)

(ps if you want to see some gameplay it starts ~22:07 in my video!)

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Awesome work! I absolutely loved the atmosphere and I was really on-edge throughout the game. Definitely planning on checking out more of your work! :)

(ps if you want to see some gameplay it starts ~0:30 in my video!)

I really liked this! The setup was great and the jumpscare actually got me, haha 😅

Who knew pizza could be so scary??

Really enjoyed this game! The atmosphere was amazing and tense throughout, and I really liked the overall style. Great work! :)

(That one jumpscare, though... 😅)

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Really enjoyed the style and sound design in this game! Even though it was short, I loved the story and was really invested in it. Definetly planning on checking out more of your work! :)

Loved this game! The sound in this was definetly a highlight for me and really created a tense, immersive atmosphere. My only issue is that I sometimes struggled to read all of the text before it went away. Other than that, I can't wait to see where this goes!

Super fun concept! Even though it was short, I enjoyed the storyline and had fun exploring it. Definetly would recommend giving it a quick playthrough! :))
(ps if you want to see some gameplay it begins ~1:30 in my video!)

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Nice short game! I gave it a quick play in my video and really liked the concept  :)

Overall a super fun concept! Even though the beginning was kind of goofy, the ending still managed to spook me. The only issues I experienced were figuring out where exactly to use the tapes (click directly on the tv :)) and some problems with the food/objects clipping through the countertop… Other than that, I definitely would recommend this for a short, spooky experience :) 

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Super interesting concept that took some twists I definitely didn’t expect! Some of the spooks honestly got to me as well, haha. Great work, definitely would recommend for some short, good scares  :)

(Gameplay starts ~0:12 in my video!)

Super interesting concept and AMAZING work from all of the devs involved! I can't even imagine how much work goes into organizing such a large project like this. I only went down two routes (that I'm fully convinced took me to the bad endings, haha), but I'm definetly hoping to explore some more branches in the future! 

(ps if you're curious which pathways I took, check out my video!)

I really liked this game! The environment and atmoshere in the game really built up tension throughout and kept me on edge. Definetly hoping to check out more of your work! :))

My only critique is that sometimes it was a bit difficult to figure out where to go - especially with the cabin at the end. It mentioned a light being seen in the woods, but I initially struggled to find it. Maybe having a short camera pan over to it or making the light more obvious would help?

Overall great short game!

(ps if you want to see some gameplay is begins ~11:00 in my video!)

Loved the environment in this game! It definetly created a spooky feeling that kept me on edge throughout the game! The twist at the end was totally unexpected too, haha :)

My only feedback is that I wish some decisions had a bigger impact on the game! I think that would bring a super cool element.

(ps if you want to see some gameplay it starts at ~0:25 in my video!)

I absolutely love the concept behind this game! The artstyle, music, and voice acting altogether created a very immserive atmosphere that I really liked. There were also a few spooks throughout that definetly got me (:P). So many questions were left open at this end of this act, and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Really loved the concept and the execution of this game! The overall atmosphere and different challenges/mobs throughout definetly kept me invested and interested in where it was going to go. My only issue is that my head would ocassionally get "stuck" and I wouldn't be able to twist around past a certain point (example at 5:46 in the video linked below). I'm not sure if this feature was intentional, but it was a little frustrating and awkward at certain points. Overall great work, though! :)

I genuinely loved this game! I don't think I've ever seen a game set in this style before, and I really liked the environment it built up. 10/10, would recommend! Keep up the great work :) <3

(ps if you want to see some gameplay it begins ~12:38 in my video!)

The ending caught me so off-guard! Very interesting concept, and great build-up of suspense! :)

(ps if you want to see some gameplay, it begins ~8:52 in my video!)

The atmosphere of this game was very, very unsettling. I definetly would love to explore this game some more and uncover all there is to it! Very creative concept, 10/10 would recommend! :)

(ps if you want to see some gameplay it begins ~0:34 in my video!)

Honestly, I went into this game not knowing too much about it. Despite the experience being so short, I enjoyed it! Very creative concept :)

(ps if you want to see some gameplay, it begins ~9:14 in my video!)

Such a creative and wild game! I'm 90% sure I have carpal tunnel syndrome from buttom mashing so much, but it was worth it. 10/10, would recommend checking out! :)

(if you want to see some gameplay, it begins ~0:30 in my video!)

I really enjoyed this game! Such a creative, spooky twist on something as normal as trying to find your car! Absolutely loved the more retro style as well and the spooky environment it created. Good quick game with lots of spooks n scares :))

(ps if you want to see some gameplay,it starts ~1:00 in my video!)

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I'll admit, I came into this game expecting a casual, doghouse building sim... And OH BOY was I caught off guard! Honestly such an interesting concept with a really unsettling atmosphere. 10/10, lots of... dogs(?), would recommend! :)

(If you're interseted in seeing some gameplay it begins ~1:13!)

Such a cool concept! I had an absolute blast exploring this cute game and all the little stories inside. The music was amazing, too! 10/10, would love to see this expanded further :))
(If you're interested in seeing some gameplay, it starts ~0:42!)

I honestly had no clue what I was expecting from this game, but I loved it! 10/10 ending as well :))

(I start playing the game ~9:00 if you want to see some gameplay from it :D)

I don't have any words to express this game, haha. 10/10 wacky experience, would reccommend if you're looking for a strange game to play :)

(I start playing the game ~2:50 if you want to see some gameplay of it!)

Absolutely loved the style + music in this game! There was a little bit of a delay sometimes between my voice and the character reacting, but otherwise super fun :D

(I start playing the game ~0:27 if you want to see gameplay of it!)