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thank you!

thank you for playing our game and the discussion is also very interesting and insightful!



oh, thank you for elaborating on that. I will look into it and try to fix it in the future! thank you!

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thank you for playing and the great feedback.

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Thank you for playing and the feedback! And also oops, that should not happen ...the game should continue even if you got all the pairs wrong. Did you play it in the browser? Sometimes weird stuff happens in html 5...In that case, i think you may have to refresh the browser.  Please let me know more details if you want, so I may look into it and fix it for the future version.  Thank you for your feedback!

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wow, thank you for playing. i guess you must have lots of paired socks there, LOL

thank you!
It's Eminence Landscapes - Pizzicato Version by Ian Post 

thank you for your sweet words! 

This is great!

Thank you!

thank you!

Thank you again, Krishan. You mentioned in the early stage of our development, about how we consider the audio design and audio transitions in the game. I always keep that in mind and am very appriciated to that!

Hi Clodwick, thank your for your beautiful words! I am so glad you enjoy it.

Thank you, Robert! And thanks for all the instruction and help to our game! 

Christine, you are so sweet! Thank you so much for your words. It means a lot for us.

Imagine a game happening in this perspective with this rain effect, and with little figures doing stuffs there. 


Hi semnet. Thank you for playing our game and giving us the feedback. It should be a bug that I will look into it and try to fix that later. I am sorry you have to replay the game from the beginning when you encounter that. Again, thank you for playing our game. 

THX. LOL, the tube could be an idea.

Thx, Krishan!  : P 

Yeah, it is. Sorry we did not make any official ending headline in it. Thank you for playing our game. And congrats on beating it! 

Hi, shadree. Thank you for the feedback! Actually, it is the end of the game when you enter the bowl. We are sorry that we did not make an ending for it. And we are so appreciated that you still try and successfully get out of it there. :P

And there is intentionally no checkpoint in the whole game. 

Thanks again for telling us all the details. And congrats for beating the game! 

Hi, there. Thank you for playing our game. I am not sure if it is a bug. Could you please give me more information about the context so I can look into it later. Thank you!

Thank you for playing, but the ending is actually...

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Thank you for playing. You are smart!

Would there be a Mac build? I want to play!

Thank you, TripleP~

Thank you for your like.

Thank you for playing our game. I really enjoy your analysis and explanation of our story at the end.

Thank you for playing our game.

Absolutely no, no, ok, yea? yes? yes yes! WOW!  

Thank you so much for the further explanation! I intentionally choose to make that effect, and I am quite happy that you feel being trapped. LOL. I am super thankful and inspired of your comparison about the two possible solutions ( fixed camera and zoom-out camera). The zoom-out solution might also be very interesting  for an alternative scene in which player has an infinite game play!

Thanks for your feedback.

Actually, that heart level is not the most frustrated one.... Some more evil ones in later levels...

Thank you for playing and feedback!

 Could you please tell me more details about the unsettling feeling? It could help me to improve the game and learn more! 

Many thanks ahead!

Hi Sokpop, I just downloaded the mac version and tried to open it. But it says" the application 'Visser' can't be opened". Any idea about that? Kindly advise. My  system is OS Mojave 10.14...