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Thank you for liking our game

Thank you for the love and the feedback! Still tweak the game in many ways, hope I could share a new version of it soon! 

Hey PhongLEH, thank you for loving iit. 
I made it by myself and not plan to sell it : P

so aprreiciated <333

thank you!!!

Thank you and will fix the collider issue in the next demo!

thanks! Still trying to improve the controls 

Thank you! Still working on it, hope I could share a new demo for playtest soon! 

thank you for playing!

Thank you Grulch. I was pivoting on that part all the time - let's see how it will evolve, lol. 

Thank you, Barwani. I am still working and revising some fundametal mechanics and once it's done. I will put up a demo for playtest. Stay tuned and thx!

Will provide a 32x version for next update! 

thank you, MysticShinobi. I am still tweaking the mechanical fundamentals and once it's done. I will start to create more content!

thank you for playing and streaming our game. : P

LOL, wish i could have time to revisit this project and add sfx and music to it someday.

thank you! i will add more levels in the future.

thank you!

Thank you. just checked it out and it looked quite interesting!

Thank you for your playing and feedback. Yes, there are some issues with colliders now.  Nice catch on the little dodge mechanism there!

lol, that's a cool suggestion.

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thank you for your love! ❤

thank you!

thank you, hope it won't take too long!

thank you for playing!

thank you, i will work hard for the full release!

thank you!

thank you!

thank you!



thank you!

thank you! May I know what was very difficult for you and how you got over it?

thank you!

Thank you! yea, I am planning to... Maybe you could follow my Twitter @fanhao_create, I will update the progress of the project there. ❤

thank you!


thank you!

thank you so much for making this!!! ❤

thank you! I guess it was Bloodroots you referred to?