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Great to hear that you enjoyed the game! Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback and suggestions. I agree that a random-title generation system would be interesting to add. Congrats on getting 23 books, that counts as a successful run!

Thanks for the tip about the Book Hunter game! It has interesting mechanics and great sound.

I was lucky that the story from the book allowed me to make game mechanics quite simple, and I'm even more grateful to have such perceptive players like you.

I am a big fan of lifesteal tactics in combat rogue-likes. So this game played on my strings. :-)

I have run the game in a Chrome browser and when going up or down using arrows, the whole web page moved. Switched to the vi-like hjkl and everything was fine.

Somehow I managed to win even the first game, which was a little unexpected, but possibly I was just lucky.

Was there a possibility to change the spell target? I have possibly missed it and danced in front of enemies just to auto-aim the one I wanted to zap.

I want to prize the copywriter, the text in your game serves a great atmosphere.

Thank you for a great game

Nice sci-fi survival!


  • great concept and story
  • simple but effective room generation
  • impressive character-based animations
  • difficulty setup is up to the player


  • Nobody will tell you, that if you don't refill your damn o2, you will die in the next step. But such is realism in a malfunctioning ship.

Cool game, thank you!

Cool creepy experience!


  • Very atmospheric sounds, I like how the volume lowers when hiding.
  • You can lure horrible monsters to traps and then starve to death if you enjoy the previous one too much.


  • I did not manage to turn off the fullscreen mode.

I have played the Meat_& version.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you! That was exactly my plan - with a different number of turns at a given day, more variability of actions, locked doors, and other ideas. Alas, I had to cut the scope to meet the deadline and deliver a game you can play, lose, win and have some fun with it.

A little buggy but humorous game.


  • funny graphics, especially crawling in the water is very special
  • it has sounds
  • there is a floating mirror you can stun
  • monsters that are really harsh to the player (they even attack the player after his (or her? ) demise.


  • I found it quite chaotic at a first sight

Great game, done with great care.

It is satisfying to get to the right spot in the right shape and successfully perform a combo.

After update note: It is much better with vulnerable entities flashing!

Please try common arrows and home/end, PgUp/PgDn. It should work. I will document my game better next time!

Cute funny game! Not very rogue-like, but quite a relaxing bullet hell with humourous sprites and sounds.

Thank you, it was fun to play!

Beautiful gloomy game.


  • Creative idea
  • You can pet a turtle
  • Very position critical - stand on a wrong spot and it's your end
  • You can be humiliated by a giant snail


  • nothing I suppose :-)

Thank you for a nice game.

What a bullet hell!

The game is very engaging, fast-paced, reasonably colorful, with appropriate upbeat music.

I cannot play real-time reaction-based games for too long, but it was fun to try!

I like the different use of gun throwing (gaining ammo from the green enemy, diverting the red enemy from its course).

I like this game!


  • clean visuals
  • the game runs smoothly when holding a key
  • funny explanation
  • list of current enemies
  • teleport instead of stairs


  • I had to find out how to start the game on my own
  • I had to restart a game after losing
  • Could not win the game. (Is there a victory condition?)

Thank you for a nice clean game. Maybe I'll try LOVE too.

I looked at the offers from nearby beacons and decided, like many experienced space wolves before me, that I was going to strike it rich on gold. I loaded the cargo and fired up the engines. I soon discovered that space travel has a downside, it takes a long time to get anywhere further than Grandma's. Anyway, I settled into a meditation pose on my golden chair and emptied my mind. I was snapped out of my reverie by an alien ship. At that moment I realized that I actually had two ships, fire superiority, and I didn't hesitate, and after some skillful maneuvering I cut my enemies to pieces. The automation put me on my original course.

I arrived safely at the Federation beacon, refueled, bought copper, and headed back. I took a little detour to avoid surprises. Unfortunately, the return trip wasn't that profitable. On the next trip, I got stranded on a space shoal. The fuel gauge was sort of telling me that my noose was tightening, but we can't trust everything, can we?


- minimalist design

- trigonometry application


- working with the calculator

- disadvantageous prices

Thank you :)

A nice basic game


  • I have played the Linux version, sadly the game stopped responding twice in about 10 playthroughs.


  • Full heal after defeating all enemies and revealing the stairs is nice.
  • A special function of the third level move


- there is a need to navigate between obstacles when aiming. Maybe the arrows the player shoot are actually homing devices :-). 


  • the Q move could be automated by walking in the given direction (I guess it was on plan)
  • in presence of one enemy, there could be an auto-aim on the moves

Have you been able to win the game? I was not that successful :-D

Thank you!

Wow, that's an addictive rage-quit material! I had a problem to do any real progress, always needed another card in my setup, but almost every time I felt I'm just a tiny bit from the perfect deck. So, the balance is probably quite good. The movement on the map was fun in a few playthroughs, later it was just an obligatory step leading to the next battle.

Good job!

The arrow keys, space, PgUp/Dn etc. are supported now (with no help message about it though).

That's a good idea, not sure if it is allowed after submission end, but I can add alternate keys support on github repo/hosting. Thx for the tip!