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its very scary and unique and 

I'm enjoying the story so far

there was an area from fathers day in this game which i thought was cool

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I took the pills and had the craziest games XD

i had a perfect game and the next i lost every gamble possible XD T-T 

the dealer tried to shoot himself 3 times in a row and all 3 were blanks XD

What an awesome idea for a game i loved it 

i think my guy was broken 

he shot himself sooo much XD

I liked it a lot. I would for sure buy  a

full version of this game XD

sometimes the killer would glitch through the wall to hit me or if he caught me he would slide while stuck to my back hitting me it was hard to be mad at though because it was funny af

I very much enjoyed the scares and atmosphere. It was very well done. However, a lot of the riddles were unclear due to what seemed like a language barrier. The game itself is great and I look forward to finishing it. As someone who only speaks English,

its gonna be a bit of a challenge. XD 

The tittle is not an exaggeration 

almost accidentally flung my mouse at the wall at one point

Loved it 10\10 XD

Very creepy, well done, and creative. I liked it!

I liked it. I got all three endings coincidentally in order, although I'm not sure what triggered 

the third ending. XD 

the screaming the people did as they chased you was a new horror experience for me. lots of things in this game was new and exciting for me. I'm very much looking forward to the full game!!

very well done! I didn't realize until I stared how much this game has progressed since the demo and now I'm obsessed

really enjoyed this. great story lines and very intriguing script

the scariest thing in this game for me was Brians face..... *shivers* 

there is so much to look at I find myself getting distracted a lot XD I am slightly obsessed with this game

i fucking loved this game 

my wife and i figured out the 2nd ending XD it was a confusing mess of a video but i think that makes it a little entertaining 

awesome game! very creative

tommy is the true horror here

i loved this one. i got ending 1 and 2

Very creepy and frustrating but i loved it for sure 

great job!!!

i made this video quite awhile ago but i guess i forgot to upload it. i tried to get all the endings or at least a happy one. loved the game XD 

a very enjoyable horror escape room type experience loved the creativity but mostly i found a lot of it funny XD im a bit of a smart ass sorry about that if you watch my video 

i loved the story. i didnt fully understand the ending until i was editing the video but fuck this was a good one

You can never guess what's going to happen next in your games and I love that XD 

Awesome game!

I covered 4 games in this video and this one was my favorite. Not only for the intriguing storyline and overall spookiness but the little details of the game I found really fucking funny for some reason. like when she would shrug her shoulders, or shock herself on the line, or even get back in her car just to nothing but sit there XD also the fact that you can place the board on the tree but without the hammer it just falls to the ground and she just looks at it XD I LOVE THIS GAME


this was a sad one fs. how he didnt understand why his wife was ignoring him and with another man. i couldnt imagine being in his shoes. amazing story.

3rd game in my video

as i was enjoying this very depressing game I KID YOU NOT something banged on my front door i live in a trailer house with my girlfriend (who was asleep) and my pc is set up in front of the only door to outside. i went outside to see what it was and nothing was there i continued playing and it happened again so i decided to ignore it and it kept happening throughout the video 

im not lying i have proof as to the its in the 2nd game of this video 

not trying to clickbait just thought it was strange XD 

if im lying then dislike my video and comment on how dumb the video is if im not then like the video and tell me wtf banged on my door XD

very spooky. kept trying to find any reason not to go in the basement... it didnt work XD

1st game in my video

i loved the first door and the 2nd was just as amazing i did the first door 7 months ago very glad i checked for updates CANT WAIT FOR DOOR THREEEEE

an interesting one for sure the end song is gonna be stuck in my head for awhile XD

as frustrating as it is running from a monster in the dark i absolutely loved this game it gave me maze runner vibes and the first scare came out of no where scared tf outa me 10/10 for sure  

i remember playing this on my channel awhile back

 one day i hope you make another visual novel

suuuper creepy gave me phasmophbia vibes 

awesome game! its the 3rd game in this video

loved it XD so much in fact it was the 1st game in my video

very spooky and well put together. Great Job!!

twas the 4th game in this video XD

i love this so much!! i always love horror visual novels but this one was so good!! it had spook, suspense, and an amazing story line. skip to the end of my video to hear me talk a bit more about what i thought

This was my first time playing since the Alpha 1.8.2 version it was exciting seeing all the new updates i saw at one point what i think was a corpsebombkeef easter egg which was cool XD kinda want to be able to wear the mask tho also at one point i tried to take the key from her while she was on the ground after i pushed her and i think it glitched bc she then push me down put on her mask and ran off with the key making it impossible for me to get XD

this game was some how scary and funny at the same time and i absolutely LOVED ITTT like wooow i need moreeee 

i absolutely loved this game. the story, jump scares, the creepy hallways. i loved the ending although i wish it was longer