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ok, I might be able to disable the 1024 x 768 resolution since it doesn't work right with my game. I just didn't have to to test out my game after it was built. Thanks for letting me know that though.

I might also make a WebGL build in addition to the Windows build,  so that more people will play it since WebGL doesn't require any download making it more convenient.

I'm going to update it in the next few days to make it not so jittery, and I'll make the game go full screen. I'm also going to make it so the tan and grey tiles switch colors when they flip upside down,  which it used to do until I changed the code a little bit,  which made it stop working.  I think that's about all I can update without getting in trouble for adding  more content to my game, since it's a game jam entry.  I might switch the 1st and 2nd levels since I think the 2nd level is actually easier. Expect an update within about 3 days.

what aspect  ratio are you using?

I found a bug. When I go to full screen, the mouse cursor doesn't work, it just stays in the top left corner. It'd be nice to be able to play it in full screen.

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Why did you use X as the Start button? You should have used something standard, like Enter or Space. Also, the words that constantly bounce up and down on the screen, are in the way of the tiles, making it hard to see anything when you move to those tiles. But it's a good game that's really fun. But it doesn't seem very meta to me, but it's still fun, good job.