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Hannah Rose

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Heya! Absolutely love this!

I was trying to get the source code for this working in Unity. You've got a demo scene in your repo, but I couldn't find any meshes - I can imagine why you're not hosting those in the github, but is there somewhere I could get them, if you're happy to share?

Seriously though, this is spectacular. Procjam never ceases to amaze 😍

Don't hugely mind. Slack seems to be the goto medium these days. It's also probably good on case we bring on anyone else!

I could set of one those up.


Big respect for music weeklies! Love your stuff, and would love to steal your talent for this!

I'm a designer, programmer, and 2D artist with a mild addiction to game jams.

If you wanna check out my stuff, my itch page has a bunch of games I've made in the last 4 or so months on it. Feel free to check them out (Smalltalk and Dippy Ducks are two games of more or less the scale you'd get from me in a week long game jam. They're also nice and short to play).

Let me know if you're interested!