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No problem 🤭

Ooh I can't wait to see where this goes. Thank you for the amazing story ❤️ 

I don't know if this is intentional or coincidental, but it's really cool that the last names of some of these characters (as well as the options for our detective's last name) are words spelled backwards, like Lortnoc (Control), Rorrim (Mirror), Rellik (Killer) etc. So I wonder if that is somehow significant to the storyline? Can't wait to find out, great story so far.

Hey, not sure if you already know what tool is used but I'll just answer anyway. They use Twine for this game/story. They're using the Sugarcube story format, but there are several other formats that you can use.

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Noticed a bit of an error(?) in June's route in Chapter 6. When June came knocking on the door and they talked for a bit in stowaway's room, everything seemed to be normal. But then Cal's line came out of nowhere when June was asking how the stowaway is coping. Found another one when June was asking about whether stowaway enjoyed living in the castle, and the dialogue displayed as Bash's. Other than that, I'm not noticing any errors for the other A6 member's route.