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Hannah B

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made me smile on finals day

I just completed the demo and i have a few criticisms. I'm not sure if there was supposed to be jump scares, but there were times that the audio did get a bit loud out of nowhere. Also, I did have a hard time navigating the caves because they were so dark. It was hard for me to see where one wall began and another ended. My suggestion would be to make it a tad bit brighter during those scenes. Other than that, this game was amazing and beautiful. can't wait to see what's next!

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im going to be honest. my hand hurts from spamming. but other than that it was really good for what it was. I love the art style and the story.

OMG I loved this. I was so scared, I had my eyes closed and everything and then I just had to laugh at myself. 

based on the reviews, I feel like this would be a really good game. however it keeps saying that I don't have the "appropriate permissions"? I'm not sure what that means but I can't run the game because of it.