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Very intersting concept; I like viewing emotions(love in this case) as statstics, it is a statement about the world we live in today. The fun part of the game is to see what is the most efficient way of matching all the people on the screen. To take the game to the next level, I would suggest making the background into a desk and the cards into pieces of paper; it would really simulate the exprience of an intern.

Shooting my tongue at bugs is really satisfying; I especially like how the length of my tongue is controlled by how long I hold down the mouse. Since you are going for a realistic effect with the skybox, I suggest adding sounds to the frog and the bugs. Maybe add some croaking noise for the frog everytime it catches a bug, and add some buzzing noise for the bugs to make them more annoying and more deserving to be eaten.

This is a fun mini-game! I like the idea of expanding my garden(I enjoy watching things grow), and it all comes naturally as the rain pours down. I don't know how I feel about the game becoming progressively harder as I gain more flowers, but only because I love growing the garden so much. I wish I could just keep on expanding the garden. Also, if you get more time to work on this, maybe you can adjust the size of the cloud to simulate the amount of water stored up.

Really cool game, its like binding a GoPro on a fish hook and diving down. I am glad you chose to not make the fish move, because it would have impossible for me to hook them! I just wish the hook ascended faster after I failed, so the wait is less painful. It is easy to dodge the seaweed but hard to land the final hook on the fish; I think it is because the fish is too thin from a top down view. Maybe you can add fishes or objects with other shapes so the experience doesn' suddenly shift from easy to hard every run.

Cute game, jumping around feels natural and satisfying. It is interesting to view a room from the low perspective of a cat. I wish there were more blocks or even cups of water for me to spill, just to make the room as messy as possible. Also, I wish the cat paw is  3D so it matches the aesthetic of the room.

The environment is simple and comfortable, especially with the addition of bgm. If I lived in a yellow submarine I would like to swim with these fishes. I wish the fish AI made them form schools(like a big tornado); that would be sick. I also wish there are some water effects because right now it seems like everything is flying.

This game is one of the reasons why I'd rather be a human over a fish. As a human I can learn to swim but as a fish I can't learn to walk. Pretty easy choice here. Anyways, I like the Struggle button; it adds a bit more flavor to the fish's desperation. I did manage to save the fish on the third try and I'm glad it's not impossible.

Very clever mechanic based on the dictionary; it's elegant and challenging. My personal preference would be for there to exist a mode without any time limits, because I can barely come up with many words in 60 seconds(although there are rng factors involved, since the first word can decide the difficulty).

I agree completely with what the result screen said, and that is why I choose to end my life after writing this comment. My only suggestion before doing so is to not let the player control when to end(or some other form of restriction) . I think by further restricting the player he will feel even more helpless.

I like being a fish who finally gets a chance to escape its tank because the entire house is flooded. The game is appealing because in such a disastrous environment there is still smooth jazz playing. The only problem I have is that the controls still need fixing: sometimes after I turn W and S are completely reversed.

I love collecting companions, so I really liked this game. To see more and more of them spin around me is very satisfying. I just wish the climbing could have a new mechanic so it would be a bit harder. This way when I collect the companions it would be even more satisfying because I worked for it.

Nice sandbox, reminds me of Beat the Boss. I like how in your game the player can offer bandages instead of just beating the buddy. I also like the emotes for responding to my actions. One suggestion would to be add blood or health bar or numbers to indicate how much damage I have done, so there's a reason for me to use the bandage. Right now all they do is make the buddy happy, even though he may be at full health.

My favorite skin is Windows XP, it's beautiful. This game is like Cookie Clicker, but I wish the gold I earned can be used to upgrade the knocking tool. This is because the longer I play, the harder it is to earn skins and the easier it is to earn gold, due to drop rates. At the end, I would be getting almost all gold and no skins, so with such an abundence of gold maybe I should be able to spend it to make my knocking faster.

I like the snake; it's cute and animated like a live snake. I like the simplicity of it all, but wish there could be some sound effects, such as the snake hissing when enjoying the pet. Also, I could not figure out how to get bitten, which is a goal to me given your descriptions.

I really like how the cat's body grows(especially at the end during Cat Time), it's very satisfying. I wish that the cat only ate the cucumebrs and fish with its head instead of its body, because at the end it was really hard for me to manuever without bumping into a cucumber. I had to wait for fishes to spawn vertically because my horizontal paths are blocked by cucmbers.

I love how smooth the change of rotation is, however I feel like it can be exploited. I found a specific pace of pressing the space bar such that all of my atoms suspend(because it keeps changing rotation). The game becomes too easy at this point. Perhaps make the change of rotation into a toggle, or make it such that I can't spam space bar.

Very elegant design. This is simple but not easy, and there is definetly a learning curve to master the control. However, this is what makes the game fun/challenging, and I can imagine myself enjoying the game with a friend. My suggestion would be, since this is a fast paced 1v1 game, to add a score for each win. This adds potential flex over the losing side and makes the loser want to get revenge even more.

I like the concept of the game; the reversing of the rotation after missing a color makes the game especially challenging but enjoyable. My suggestion would be to slighty adjust the hitboxes of the shapes, because sometimes they can land right in the middle of two colors and I feel it is a bit unforgiving to count that as a hit. Also, perhaps you can make the rotation be "on hold" since sometimes no matter how hard I spam space it is impossible to turn 360 degrees for a desperate attempt save.

This is a really beautiful game; the animations and sound effects compliment each other. My suggestion would be making the transitions and the showing of results slightly faster, since the actual gameplay is only a few seconds. Also, I would loved to see more of the flower pedal effects over the triangle effects, just personal preference. Finally, I wish there was a way to know how many total Ranks are there, or set a goal for the player. For example, prompt them with:"can you reach xxx rank?"

Super Triangle has a super game feel.  The stretching animation of the small triangle and the rotation of the triangles are very satisfying. Since this is an endless game, I am tempted to keep playing it as a passtime.

My suggestion would be to add background music to the game, which can compliment the game's fast yet endless pacing. Also, I hope there is a way to keep track of my scores, such as how long I survived or how many jumps I made.

Good point! My friend told me to voice the ape, maybe I should've listened to him.

+ Cute bike(you actually built  3D models!)

+ Nice trail on the enemies

- Wish there was UI

+ Great theme

+ Very cool animation effects on the bullets

+ Sounds way better than the original game

- Tree hit detection can be off sometimes(sometimes I get hit when I'm not supposed to and vice versa)

+ Wow animation looks just like the original(if not better)

+ Sound included in the game



+ Graphics looks exactly like the original

+ Has the screen flash when player hits tree

+ There's the helicopter

- The bullets disappear halfway so I can't shoot the enemies(BUG?)

+ Great UI and graphics

+ Tree spawns just like original game

- Acceleration is too low


It has a little something for everyone.