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Handsome Rob

A member registered Sep 02, 2018

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definitely good for a demo. Could use polish here and there but obviously again, it’s a demo and I’m very interested to see what you can do with a full game. I like the premise a lot too, sleep paralysis is no joke (so I’ve heard)

oof. This one took me for a spin. Curious as to how close I was to figuring out the ending (if there is one)?

I’m terrible at these types of games but I gave it a shot and loved it. Gonna make a series out of it

finally got around to playing this for my channel! It deserved to be the first non-horror let’s play for me! Good times are had

yup, this one got me. Had to include another game in my video to make it worthwhile though!

I had a great time. I was actually stumped a for a few moments and the scares had great timing. Well done!

this game was absolutely terrifying, I loved it. Would love to see more come out of this group. 

I went in so blind I didn't even realize this was made my the same group that did Midnight Shift...this came as quite as surprise! Well done yet again!

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just gave it a go and had a great time! Great sounds and atmosphere. Scared the shit outta me more than a couple times! 

This demo is twice as good as any full-release AAA title out there. Hope ya'll keep up the good work