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Handsome Rob

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Oof. Well you just made a sale. 

Oh really?? I'll have to go back and play..yes the unusual sighting only built up the tension if anything!

Like many, I did not finish this game but still had fun. Reminded me of when I was a teenager and used to do stupid stuff like crawl into water drainage pipes. Part 2 of my vid for whomever is interested.

That thing scared the absolute hell outta me and I didnt even get a good look at first. Well done with the atmosphere and sounds!

I COMPLETELY fudged the notes up so I'm fairly certain I missed out on some goods. But this still got me and the premise was good fun. Though I was afraid of the brown note chiming in. Well done!

I've really enjoyed your previous games so I was excited to see a new one pop up. I'm glad this one had a different result than what I was expecting. Great work as always!

This was a great time, I love the homage to terrible ghost hunting shows which also happen to be my favorite thing ever. I thought this was really well done. 

I COMPLETELY failed the ending which resulted in me rage quitting instead of playing through the entire game again but nevertheless had a great time which is the point, right?...RIGHT?!

Loved Shiver and this was a great successor. We need more point and click games in our lives.

short and sweet, exactly what you think it is. I miss seeing games like this 

no idea about the lore of this story but this was verrrryy creepy. Good sense of feeling alone until you’re not.

This was the perfect mixture of silly and spooky. I enjoyed it very much and I am also never going to babysit a demon as I suspect the outcome would be similar to this game.

This was silly and I enjoyed it very much. Classic tale and great execution. T'was fun to play the voices in my head. I know this game isn't in the thumbnail of my video but I do play it first

I’m glad I’m not the only one haha

Probably my own fault but I did NOT know I had a flashlight....anyway great game!

as someone who lives the life of a routine..I feel personally attached lol. This was great, there's so many possibilities this type of idea could lead to. Great work.

I realize I’m so late to the game and everyone has already enjoyed this for weeks possibly months but holy cow, what an experience to play for myself. I’m very stoked for the full game. Well done! 

i couldn’t get over the fact that I must’ve been walking around naked the entire time. It definitely added to the vulnerability. Good game, nice spooky atmosphere. 

I have my own theories about what’s really going on with the main character. That’s a huge reason I love this game so much, it leaves many questions to be answered but also leaves hints... well done!

This was an absolute blast. One of the best job simulation games I’ve ever played. Ran into a little hiccup but really think this could be my new career path and I owe it all to The Mortuary Assistant! 

never thought a game about tissues would lure me in so much, but here we are! I also appreciate bringing more attention to the copyright battle the creators are facing. 

this is one creepy ass game. I appreciate the originality. 

just in time for the holidays. ‘ppreciate you 

had a really fun time with this. Reminds me this idea could easily be a short film or Black Mirror episode. 

loved this. Such a simple concept but I was all in and could’ve gone longer with more scares. 

Had a blast..reminded me of old classic horror games I used to play with simple mechanics such as just avoiding the monster a la Amnesia.

just to emphasize what many have already said; I can’t stress enough how nice it is to have a great atmospheric point-and-click horror game. We need more of this. 

as an employee of the financial industry who deals with taxes on a daily basis...I enjoyed this very much and empathize. 

This was a blast. I had to play through a second time cause I blinked the first time. Also full disclaimer, I fear-burp involuntarily...

Keep up the good work!

I loved it. This gave me Twilight Zone vibes...I love the idea of experiencing what could be the future, hopefully leading to how I could possibly change it and escape the nightmare. 

What a nice, atmospheric walking sim you’ve got so far. The sounds made it very immersive and gave me chills. Keep it up!

Played the demo and immediately bought the full version on Steam. Very worth it!

I wanted this to be a little harder/more rage-inducing but had fun nonetheless! I had to include another game in my video for content sake..

Had to include a bonus game at the beginning but thought this was interesting! Gave me slight Stranger Things (in the Upside Down) vibes.

VERY well done! I immediately went to Steam and purchased. This got me immediately hooked. Keep it up!

I really enjoyed this an it gave me a helluva jump scare! Well done and I really like the concept - it felt new :)

Keep up the good work! I’m gonna check out your other games too

I’m a sucker for Ghost Adventures, what can I say. 

went in blind and was pleasantly surprised. I look forward to seeing more!