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Very confusing but I still liked it very much! :)

I really liked this and I hope it's still being worked on. The art is so nice! I'm really curious how the rest of the game will go. Fell quite hard for that wonderful kelpie Cailean.

Yeah, I followed  some walkthroughs but still ended up with Arden in the end no matter what I picked.


The Sabre route doesn't seem to be working or have you removed it?

Oh, this was  so enjoyable! I defiently want to play the rest of the game when it's released! I really liked the style of the game, the characters and the story is very interesting. Well, done! 

Haha~~ I really enjoyed the game even if it game me the wronge answer twice, Taurus and Cancer when I'm a Pisces. I really like the art and all the characters are so charming I will defiently give it a third go to see if they can guess it right. ;)


I just had to try the demo after reading the description and it did not disappoint! I really liked it and would love to play the full game. The demo did make me snicker at one of the scenes near the end! 

You have done a good job so far and I wish you the best of luck in finishing this game endeavour! I'm cheering on you from the sidelines!


Just tried the demo and it was great! Definitely my cup of tea. Really want to play the full game when that get's released. 

Haha~ this game really gave me laugh.