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wow askers alert

Wow that was really lame man you broke the chain

have you unzipped the folder? its a lil more complicated to unzip on apple.

your right. i shouldve joked about that bro. well diddly dang darn it.

you know, its almost as if it was a joke pal. no way.

no because i am the real ninja muffin on an alt so go die trash

please, add graphics settings. thanks.

can you add a dual wield feature idrc which gun but dual wield slaps so

(I do wish Dona Remedios appeared more often. She only had a few lines about her but I could tell she is a big part of Manuel's present life.)

Ok so not any suggestions or anything I just wanted to praise this game for anyone questioning to download. Hands down best free game ever. I love the story and the characters. I would like it if there were more endings but other than that 11/10 game. The dev(s) worked really hard and it shows. There was a lot of time and effort put into this game and man, how it paid off. Overall, just an amazing work of art.

Secret tip, if you say Pangea, it will tell you his trust level. once this trust reaches 100 (you have to ask him questions and stuff), you can ask to use his machine, and answer all the questions normally.

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I figure I could be of use here. Hold right click to skip through dialogue, and I think the scrolling think might just be your mouse. It works fine for me. Also, as far as I'm aware, there are two endings (there might be more but I went through the games code and I'm pretty sure there's only the couple). The first is the brainwash ending. This is just the basic ending. Just use the radio and answer all the questions. The second one is a lot more surprising so I won't spoil it but just ask Manuel about contacting the Devil. That's all the stuff I can help you with. I'm sure the developers can help with the rest.

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Any time I say anything, even the stuff in the picture, it just gives me this. Not sure if its me being stupid or a game bug or something but I might need help. And I'm not just saying random stuff. I even dug through the games code and tried everything and nothing works. I know this is the error message I just don't know why.