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for me,i tried running the program when it told me but it said that it could not execute because the file is missing.and i dont know what to do

i know this isnt related to the game but its really a problem.My computer doesnt have anymore space,only a little.and everything that i have in my computer are files that i actually need.ok there might be some that i do not need.Im pretty upset because if i will not have space on my computer this means that i will not play the updated demo when its going to come out

btw i love the new designs of each character!

I have two question.sWhat it was your inspiration when creating every what inspiration was when you thought of Minamis design and his personality the same with the other characters(Also secondary characters too).And i know all the routes are not finished but what its the most interesting route or what route is going to be the most interesting from your own opinion.Also your opinion about each one of the characters?

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1)Hmm,Im tied up between the twins and Jun,I would love to see how maybe a relationship starts to form between them and how Leo and Griffith will act.Also i would love to see Juns  route cuz him and Rei have alot of backstory behind and them to have a fresh new start and see how things work and if Jun will change for Rei so he can be with him again,also i will play all of the routes anyways :))) bu tmy opinion of everyone is like pretty neutral mostly Minami cuz im not really for that kinda type of characters in VN but in the same time i dont want to kill him.

2)Hmm...will the cat be apart of  the story's too,like not having only one or two interactions.Also does Minami will become a yandere?

3)i read them,i think that they dont really in my opinion raise any spoilers atleast for me.

4)hmm i think the GC's  will be enough.

5)probably Jun :)))))),because he still has feelings for him.

hello its me again.I wanted to ask a question . does the game is going to be released on steam too?

So that means the game will be released in 2019 but any specific month? or depends ?also i want to say that i love the demo and i saved money on steam just for the game.

i hope that you guys will release it on steam after youre releasing it here!

Also good job everyone. the best demo i ever played of a visual novel.

O...M....G....this was amazing!the fact that had me shocked more was this is only a demo and such a good demo!im so excited for the full game.i have two questions if you dont mind,do you have a favorite character and why?also how  did you though about the design of the characters like how you came up with it?