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Great tile set! Highly recommend !

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Fixed Thx!

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Too low fps if you open the inventory. It drops to an unstable 50-60 for me. And that's just inventory, no other mechanics. 

I don't take any action. Just opened inventory. This number of requests is not normal.

The feature request was an addition to the problem I described 22 days ago.

Wow, something really cool is waiting for us!

I bought your product, I do not know that it is not suitable in quality. $15 is expensive for an asset that cannot be used.
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I didn't change your code in draw_leg. I tried to find offset there, but I couldn't. =(
"//argument 5 is an offset using the horizontal component of the facing direction"
It's not that

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How are you? I'm still waiting.

Everything was great, and it became even better! Thanks a lot!

I hope in the near future)

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Are you going to do it?
Great asset, but I think you should improve it a little bit.
For example, make the size not based on the size of the sprite, give it exact values in the item settings.
 remove useless list and map requests that make fps unplayable in combination with other mechanics.
Well, as an additional cool opportunity, make an inventory with scrolling
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There is an optimization issue here. Isn't there a way to update the inventory not every frame of it?namely the moment when you use it

Cool! Easy and convenient!

Amazing stuff here!

Very cool! May I have a demo?
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Solved -

Good luck, I hope it goes well! I look forward to your return.

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What about the example? Approximately when to expect it?

Nice, waiting for the example!)

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Sorry) I can send you the project itself. There is your code without edits. I don't know how to explain the problem to you. All I can see is that in the junction of tiles, the player sometimes gets stuck in a collision, and when doing so, there is a chance that the game will freeze.

Or maybe it would be more correct that you send your working version with a tile collision, and I will try to find the problem. Maybe I did something wrong. although I have tried several times.

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I Use tile collision I sometimes get stuck and there is a chance that the game will freeze.

I have the same problem. Apparently with the latest updates, the script does not work as before, even with the compability mod
Will there be updates? Or maybe a product discount? see...

I have tried commenting all my code, and leaving only your plugin.  Result 1. After changing the resolution, I can't get the camera to follow the character.  yes, there is a lot of superfluous in the code, but there is nothing in it that would break the camera.  macro values from the plugin are identical to those that I have.

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I am using camera_set_view_pos(cam, x-temp_cam_w_half, y-temp_cam_h_half); in step. But after I change the screen resolution, my camera is attached to the upper left corner.
after I installed this add-on, I can't seem to start following the character. Without it, it works.