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AHHHH! I was on vacation when the demo went live, so I couldn't play it until I got home with a desktop (which I did pretty much as soon as I got home) and OMG I wish this was the whole game and not just a demo because I was IMMERSED and then it ENDED. AHHH!!!

Okay, enough of that. First, lovely artwork and I like the customization options for the MC. It makes me want to do multiple replays with different combinations, just to see how the other characters react. I also liked how three different options gave you different encounters and different feel for the world while still getting across the same essential information. Each time felt like I was uncovering a different aspect of the story without feeling like I was missing something important.

Also a nice touch is the "alignment" indicator that popped up after you make a choice at the "inciting incident" at the fountain. That was a nice touch and I like that I shows which faction you are leaning towards encountering first.

I love world-building glossaries, but am very happy about the "spoiler alert" at the top as well. Most of the stuff was pretty self-explanatory within the context of the dialog/narration, so the glossary items feel more like extra tidbits for uber-readers rather than necessary to understand what's going on. Plus, I feel like it will be a good refresher later in the game if you've been playing for a few hours and someone references something and you're like, "Wait, what was that thing again? Oh yeah!" And since the characters have those nano-bots connecting them to their version of the Cloud or World Wide Web, being able to jump into the glossary doesn't seem out of place at all!

Music! Love the piano work and the shifting tones with the MC's mood and surroundings.

The only "bug" I ran into so far is that at one point, Caleb's name pops up before he officially introduces himself to the MC. Another minor thing: felt like in the very beginning there was a slide or two too many describing how the MC felt sick. Had a tiny flicker of annoyance at the over-use of description, but quickly moved past it, so just an FYI to maybe cut or condense that just a tad because we definitely got the message that what just happened was unpleasant!

So looking forward to more! You folks rock!