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well i found some bug where in that game there is weapons that i cant hold but it still fine because i have other weapon with high level and this game is still fun keep updating i love this :D

i love this game it so fun


wow that was really cool

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is this legal i scared because this is great i got experience RA again :)

it a great idea up!:)

i mean ok i think i can buy it soon if released on steam because i from another region(asia)and i dont know what does 2.50 usd mean so i can want to say that this game is really awesome and remind me to cod 

sorry about that it mean this game will still in browser forever?that nice really love this game i downloaded the deadswitch 2 and play it this game really fun and i feel satisfied

damn my bad xD

nice gameplay

will i play this in split screen mode i mean it says 2 player

and i finished it thanks for this game :)

nevermind i throught thus game using slot mode and i really enjoyed this game alot

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thank you for this game i love it :) and how to delete slot?

i hope i could download the free version on browser but it had no swf

poor me 

age to play this?it so awesome

can you add crewmate mode?i really wanted to do task ;D

not need to make coop mode first this game is so fun to play offline because i had no friend xD thanks for this game really fun

ok i hope it will be nice i love this game i tried it using my xbox controller and it run well xD

nevermind make the paid version on my bad LOL

i have 1 request and i hope it will added and if you cant make it because it too hard just leave this idea i hope this game has a CO-OP mode :D

i really happy to hear this :)

add xbox 360 controller suport i am poor :( and make this alpha version free and make next update paid in steam please(if you want)

love the game hope you will add more awesome update :D and i have idea with a shader just make particle more realistic :) thanks for this game what a really nice game remind me to my childhood ;Dcant wait for more game by you

i read many positive comment so i gonna play this!

please add english langueange

safe?(just ask)

the demo version is so fun but short 😂😂😂

thank you !!

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no problem it ok...i just become bit lagging

how do i disable blood...but this game is still fun to play with friend...

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hi developer i want say that to that...this game is really nice i like to play it...i played this with my friend and it was very fun...thanks for this game i like how it look like