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Wow, I thought this was a watercolor painting at first!

wow this artstyle is super inspiring 0.0

Awesome! Room tone makes such a difference in sound design and its so often overlooked in games! Thank you for sharing :)

Need to make time to play this, but it's giving Myst vibes and I love it <3


Dude! I listen to a lot of synth, but this is the closest I've ever felt to "hit me with the 90s nostalgia no way was this made yesterday" feels. Really love 'Edges of the Map.' <3

I've been listening to "Trees" over and over again on Spotify. Saving up to get this one, you're an unsung gem amongst the music makers out there!

i'm vibing 8D

Nice details!

Add-Ons is my fave :)

There's no such thing as too much synth! Nice generator. Thanks for sharing!

Gotta say this is the first VR I've ever been interested in. Gorgeous stuff. Von Bingen FTW.

Perfect, thanks for quick reply!

Just to piggyback, would other hybrids be allowed? I'm feeling a bit ambitious and feel like my strongest idea would benefit from some short PSX-style sequences, with conversation and story still moving along visual novel-style. Would a survival horror/visual novel hybrid also be allowed, as long as it still fit the other criteria?

Thank you! I'm excited to try this and PUM!

thank you so much! there's beautiful variety here.

fantastic! adding to the wish list :)

I've loved your works for a while now! Somehow this sounds like it would have fit in back in the day, but it's not necessarily derivative? Not sure how to explain it, but the ambience is *chef's kiss*

finally got around to playing this! dang but it's got that easy-to-learn, hard-to-master vibe. Great job of just getting the game started at the beginning without too much fluff--I struggle with that in my designs, haha. Love the color palette too. <3

I normally don't post anything till I've played it all the way through, but since I don't have time to finish just yet--wow, great use of Twine! The art style is KILLER and the sound is a nice touch. Can't wait to finish later.


Ooh, I love that it sounds both natural and unnatural at the same time. First track was both relaxing and creepy simultaneously haha.

Thanks so much!

Just click on the button and it'll take you to the game page. You can play in browser! I last looked at it about a month ago and it was still kicking.

I wanted to thank you for posting such a professional PDF and a great contribution to the solo community! I've been learning Calypso while applying it to some World of Darkness solo hacks. Do you have any Let's Plays as examples/fun reading? Thank in advance.

I love, love, love this layout. This already looks like the true embodiment of Cowboy Bebop TTRPG, even more than the official one they're releasing later this year! Categorizing 'Blues' with Troubles and Experience was a nice touch, and I love that the idea of merits/assets being called Gambits. If only I could find a troupe to play this kinda game with! If there's an official DIscord lemme in~!

It might be easy to pass up on this one, till you realize everything you need is right here. The real genius is the Pacing moves: you don't see them very often. I didn't realize I was looking for this in my quest to stop being a bookkeeper and start being a solo storyteller, but I'm looking forward to using this with the UNE NPC emulator. <3

This feels like it goes hand-in-hand with the original source material! Cool way to add some thematic depth to the game. Great layout to boot!

Awesome! Super excited to see winners.

I know they mentioned the second half of January, so just checking in if it'll be updated on this page, or over on their official website? Thanks in advance!

A very belated thank you!

You're doing the Lord's work. ;-)

This project is just incredible--keep up the great work!

I can really see a niche developing for these sorts of games: restorative, warm, simple. I'd love to see a full release with a story and Easter Eggs and hidden achievements. Excellent work.

I've played through about 10, I think! I want to make sure that when I play them I can leave a review, so it's slow goings!

Thank you for taking the time to play and comment! What I love about the IP is that they always leave us a "maybe" to several interesting questions, like the one you're referring to. I'd love to see that topic explored more in the Fifth Edition books.

Thanks so much for playing! Mostly your Clan chapter and the fourth chapter change. There are 3 variations of the ending, but I didn't have time to add as much variety as I'd like. It's cool to hear which clans folks play as. :)

I've been looking at your various projects--I love the soft, playful vibe they all have going on. Can't wait to see what you make next!

This is perfect--my original vision for the Winter Jam was literally a walk in the park. Thank you!

Thanks so much, glad you enjoyed!