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Uploaded the source and didn't actually remove anything =] it will still look broken, though, because the local packages don't get included in the folders, but you can still rummage through the code :D

Hey! I'd love to upload this project too, but I'm a bit hesitant as I'm using my foliage tool ("Greenery") in there, and it's not really ready to be distributed. I could upload a version of the project without it (so no grass on the ground) if that would help.

Hah yeah, the boss' logic is kinda fuzzy so it can get stuck sometimes 😅 I'm really glad you liked it though =)

Thank you so much Alex! =)

I'm afraid there's no plans for this installation of the jam to feature rated submissions and voting 😅 

Sorry, didn't add the controls in the description. Game currently only supports gamepad, so keyboard and mouse controls don't work yet.

I added the controls to the game's description.

Hi! Glad to hear you liked the game =] Currently there are no plans for an android release of this game, mostly because of performance considerations. 

I would consider making something else for Android with the same basic "mechanic" of exchanging notes, but there's no plans for that either in the near future 😅

Thanks for playing and for the nice words Kaldrin =] glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much for playing and for the comment =] The WebGL version was actually the version I submitted for the Ludum Dare jam (for which this was made in 48 hours); the "post compo" version for desktop addresses the canceling issue and some other bugs (like the orbs not appearing).

My long term goal is for this game to be properly made into an actual game, but who has the time? 😅

Thank you =]

There is a mouse sensitivity slider in the options menu, I hope this can help a little bit with the camera movement.

Thanks =] I wanted to keep the scope real small with this one in order to see it through, hence there's no walking or further exploration. My plan is that my next projects will offer more in terms of interaction and movement!

Thank you so much for the kind words and the video!

Thank you so much for the comments and the help! It's super useful as I don't have the means to test it out on Mac machines.

I'm really happy to hear that =]

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing and for the kind words :D

I'm really glad you enjoyed it =] happy to hear you'd want to pop in again, that's exactly what I'd hope for this little game!

Thank you! =]

Thanks for your comments! The version you played is from the LD46 jam and I'm in fact trying to work on a more complete version of the game, where I address all these issues (and more) + add more content and replayability!

Hey, thank you so much for the feedback, I really appreciate it! 

Most of the issues you covered definitely fall into the playtesting and balancing field, which I didn't have enough time to properly do unfortunately. The randomness of the level generation and enemy spawning definitely didn't help with that either.

The punishing nature of the game derives from the overall desire for it to be a roguelike, but truth is that there hasn't been a lot of effort to make it rewarding either ^^" The blue orbs (which don't spawn correctly in the compo version) supposedly help with that by giving you permanent upgrades or refilling your health while also serving as an incentive for the human to move instead of barricade, but the overall implementation of that wasn't really great. 

I really like the idea of enemies dropping health and I noted it as a way to balance things out and as an incentive to move, so thanks for the suggestion!

You're not tough, player experience is the top priority after all, but I obviously rushed to make everything (somewhat) functional first ^^"

Thank you!!

It very much wasn't, my grid positioning code is just a bit fiddly 👀

Thanks for your comment and thank you for playing!!

These are some really solid points, thanks a lot for the feedback! 

- As far as the incentive goes, the blue orb thing is supposed to work like that, however in the compo version there's a bug where it only spawns once and after that you don't see it again. The main idea is that at the start of your turn there's like 20% chance this orb would spawn and it would give you some upgrades like health refill, more movement, more cards and more action points. Another idea for the movement incentive would be for enemies to drop stuff like XP that could be used to get upgrades at the end of the level. But the point is that I noticed that people could stay hidden like that a lot and that they definitely needed an incentive to get out, just didn't get implemented too well here ^^"

- You're also right about the objective and attacks. I focused more on having this be like a vertical slice of a full game in that logic, so there's not too much thought into the larger scale of things. Just wanted to tried some concepts I had in mind :D

- And yeah, the "dialogue" thing was one of the last things to get implemented, so I didn't have a lot of time to add a proper tutorial, I just dumped the whole thing in there and tried mixing it with exposition. The result was not too satisfactory as others have pointed out 👀

Thanks again for your insight and comments!!

I have added a Linux build, if anyone could try it and let me know if it works, that'd be great!👍

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that /= sounds like a WebGL issue, I'll see if I can make a Linux build of the compo submission (though I wouldn't really be able to test it)