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Thank you! I'm glad to hear it :D

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I found this through the bundle and had a great time with it! I tried it out with one of my characters for a tabletop game I have planned, it definitely helped with fleshing him out.

I think this was one of the very first Twine games I ever played, and it's still one of my favorites. I really enjoyed figuring out how to get all the different endings and finding out little bits about the protagonist's life.

(Also, I'll probably write a comment on Thanksgiving too once I've gotten a chance to play more of it, but I'm very glad that Thanksgiving is about the same protagonist as Aquarium because I had gotten pretty attached to them from replaying Aquarium a lot.)

I really enjoyed this! I kind of wish it was longer or maybe that there was more of a plot to it, but it was fun and had a good atmosphere to it.

(I was half-expecting there to be a twist where all the messages make you think She's some sort of horrible monster that has been killing everyone, but that something else was going on, everyone is fine, and it's just some of the recordings being inaudible that makes you think it's a horror game.)

This is a pretty interesting game, even if it is short & there's not much explanation of what's going on (from what I saw, anyway). The hair imagery in it was creepy and original, in my opinion; I know a few other horror games have had hair used as a creepy or gross thing in them but this is the first one I've seen that's taken it to such an extreme.

This is a cute game and I'm really looking forward to later versions. c:

This is maybe a weird thing to compliment in a Twine game, but it looks very nice - the color palette goes really nicely together and the text is large and dark enough to be easily readable. I would suggest changing the hover-over and already-clicked link colors to fit more in with the other colors (e.g. to the color of the links on the page), but it's not a big deal.

I really enjoyed this game, the overall aesthetic of it works so well and it feels very surreal and creepy.

I do think it would've been better to have a save option (or at least an autosave right before you enter Granny's house for the last time) because of the multiple endings, though.