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Thank you! I really appreciate the message. I was able to grab the last one :) I'll be sure to rate leave a review. Hope you have an awesome day!

Thanks! I'd really appreciate it. Have a nice day :)

Wow the community copies got snapped up quick! Is there any cahnce of a few mre becoming available? It's totally cool if not. I'd be happy to write a review and spread the word

This game is so much fun! The mechanic used for saving up coins and going into debt is awesome. Also really liked the artwork. It fits the tone of the game perfectly. I'm really happy with my purchase. The game is worth every cent.

My pleasure! It was a blast to play :) Very creative! I've also left a review on Drivethru in the comments section to get the word out. Hope you have a nice day

You supplememnt looks great! It'll fit seamlessly with not only Mausritter but a lot of other OSR games with a few tweaks, adding another dimension of play. Thanks!

Looks interesting! The description sounds cool but I can't really tell what players would be doing in the game. Can you give me a quick run down? Also interested in what sort of system this game uses? Thanks!

Barkeep on the Borderlands is a TTRPG where the player characters attempt to find a cure for the Queen of the keep while bar hopping, getting drunk, and causing mayhem throughtout the town. 

Playing this with my group was so much fun! Everyone at the table loved it and I can't remember a time when we all laughed so much. This game will be in our regular rotation from here on in.

The systems the game uses work exceptionally well. Both the setting and 20 unique and varied taverns are well thought out and is loaded with different experiences and hijinks for the players to get up to.

The drinking and drunkenness mechanic is a standout system which I've never seen in any other TTRPG's I've played. It creates fun, interesting, and sometimes dangerous opportunities for the party. I'll definitely be using it in other adventures as it offers a great downtime activity for when your PC's are back in town resupplying or licking their wounds, and can easily be used to create new plot hooks for further adventures.

Due to it's modular nature, any of the 20 available taverns or even individual systems can be used in almost any other OSR TTRP's you're playing. They are ready made tavern settings, each with an abundance of character, as well as different PC's to interact with.

You can really tell this game was made with care and the author has done a great job with making the town feel alive and festive.

If you're looking for something different than your average adventure, or just want a bit of extra spice for your current campaign, I can't reccomend this game enough. 

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This is the most unique solo TTRPG I have ever come across. 

Between the premise of the story, the setting, the action resolution procedures, and how you document your game, it manages to create an experience that I have never come across in the solo game space. Despite this, it's easy to understand and play. 

The game itself has a beautiful minimalistic layout, using only three colours throughout, amazing and evocative artwork, and detailed explanations of each system used. 

Playing the game is extremely immersive and a lot of fun. No two playthroughs will be the same. 

If you're looking for a unique solo experience or just want to pass the time between other games, I can't reccomend this game enough. Do yourself a favour and but this game. I doubt you'll regret it. 

I'll definately be looking out for further games by this author.

Edit: I also made a post in r/Solo_Roleplaying reccomending pepole come check it out :) Thanks for the great game!