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This is pretty much exactly what I was going to add to my game. I recently added ADG to my collection and yeah you nailed the things that are awesome out there to add here. Also nice to see the new logo on a product!

Please keep making bastards. stuff. The rpg scene needs these. They are so refreshing.

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This looks great excited for the print run... I bet the splash of red will slap! Where will the physicals be sold? Spear Witch perhaps?

This looks so much better than my original, thanks for picking u p ythe torch and taking it across the finish line!

Happy to help. Love the FKR movement and Whitehack, so this was right up my alley! 

Thanks for writing this stuff down for this for us too lazy to do it for ourselves, haha.

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Big fan of Whitehack. This is an interesting take on some of the core mechanics. I like your system for gaining experience, but I think there is some extra stuff going on that takes away from the feeling of WHs character creation. With this your assuming all strength and deft will be martial classes, and all wise will be wizard cleric. 

One of my favorite parts of the "class system" is that I can have a wise warrior or a deft wizard. I'm sure this is still the case but the example characters you provide seem to pigeon hole the players into roles.

I have not of course played but this would be my one critique after reading.  Best of luck and if I ever get this on a table I'll write back about the experience!

Thanks for making this!

BLACKOUT community · Created a new topic Brilliant

Just read the first day and it has me hooked, I'll be reading each day as they release! Thanks.

I need this in print!!!

Just bought a physical of this, and just in time. I'll be running this at my middle school's dance/social that I am chaperoning for. I cannot wait to get building my station and monster for them!

Love that it is set on my 7th birthday. I can only imagine how excited 7 year old me would have been for this type of thing to happen off the coast of Maine where I live!

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Now I have to buy it... I did my senior capstone on Wittgenstein.

Typo on last slide I happened to notice, "black ole" should probably read "black hole".

Cool game though, looking forward to pulling this up and fully exploring how I can use it in a game with my group!


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Not sure where to post or mail you with this but i found a typo on page XXII under the section about playing the game tips 

"Be uncomfortable.
Your protagonist is a vampire,
even if you try to keep them
decent and humane. Terrible
and delicious things are going
to happen. You shouldhave
moments of discomfort"

"Shouldhave" should be two words.

Hope this helps, I am enjoying reading and am patiently awaiting  my physical book!

Edit: Just wanted to add that I had backed and then backed out of the initial KS, wish I hadn't but money was a thing that kept me from being able to stay in.  I'm glad i was able to revisit and finally get my hands on a copy.  Thanks.

Just received the physical copy of this from the Kickstarter.  I love the feel and look of this book.  There are a lot of great things I have seen in the last few months reading through.  I felt like it was time to give my thumbs up on this one.

I am happy with the ambiguity provided in the whole of the book, there is a lot of cool information that I plan to adapt to my own worlds.  No long review with all the explanations of why i like it. Just know it is worth the few bucks you'll spend on this one.  Cool illustrations that remind me of Scrap Princess.  The writing is fun.

Pick this up for a new outlook on things Dwarfy.

P.S. I still have not crossed it out. Someday soon I will, I promise.

Sorry should have read the full post before jumping the gun, answered in the update!