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I love this! also such a mood lol

fidget cube: the game

well damn, that was relatable in ways I didn't expect, and I loved it lol

it took me a min to figure out what I was doing but once I did I couldn't put it down lmao. v cute and relaxing artstyle too :3 I'd love to see a longer version where you can collect all in one playthrough tbh!!

Of course!! Any assistance with accessibility is always appreciated

That's absolutely okay!! I'm really happy it was able to resonate with you in that way, and this comment really made my day <3

I love this!! it feels like grown up kidpix lol. it really tapped into a part of my creativity that I haven't been in touch with in like at least a decade, and I wanna make a habit to use it more often :D I made this yesterday while experimenting around with the program if you want to add it to the EZM collection!

I did not expect the pigeon to actually help me focus!! he kinda gives me something to fidget with on screen so I can pay attention better with things like audiobooks or really long videos. I love him!! would love to see more updates in the future ^-^

I know these comments are both pretty old by now, but since this is still an issue, here's how I fixed it! (In case anyone else is still encountering the problem) I'm running Windows 10 fwiw

It's the Visual C++ 2012 files that are missing. Download both the x64 and x86 files from here:

After installing, open control panel, go to Uninstall a program, locate the files you just installed, right click, change, repair. (Thanks to Tookipalooki's suggestions further down!)

Might help get it running, good luck to anyone who tries this!