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i just took the idea from Tetris since it's somewhat the closest example.

But rigging the randomness can work too. You can use phantom results to increase chance of specific, less seen numbers to drop in the code, and ensure within a specific number of rolls (9-12), all 6 numbers are presented. Just keep booleans and keep track of the count of each numbers on the board and rig along the lines

The game currently requires a bit too much precision in parkour, contrasting the destructive power of the dice. The physics system in the game makes it really fun to run around and destroy everything, especially since I can exploit the physics to increase speed and jump height to reach harder spots. Overall, really fun

This concept is really great for reactive combat. You can try to make the projectiles a bit slower to highlight that. Great game overall

Oddly cool and friendly. Though I have no idea what is happening, I still enjoy the game quite a bit. Also cool crab

The concept needs some more experimentation, but it is pretty cool right now. Though, all abilities are pretty unexplained, which made me really confused. Especially teleport, which I don't know how it is supposed to work.

I also got a 5 dice block, which is too large for the button on the first level.

Cool concept, but the randomness of the roll is really unforgiving for me. Maybe you can give players the ability to re-roll or put away specific pieces to make it a bit easier to proceed

Love the concept! I think this puzzle game is real cool with all the tools and stuffs. Though, I really hoped there might be levels that require 2 tools to be used simultaneously. Genius concept still, can still play without much explainations