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The box you're inside is.

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PC download version runs at about 2 frames per second with my GTX 970 :(

Is the mouse sensitivity tied to the frame rendering? Because no matter what I set the tuning at, I can't turn less than 60 degrees even with a MINISCULE mouse movement.

I tried turning my Razer Naga sensitivity WAAAAAY down and the low framerate still makes it really difficult to turn at the speed I want to. I changed the mouse's polling rate and it maybe helped a little?

I'll come back later when I can get something closer to playable, good work so far!

Edit: Seems like the game runs poorly partially because the PC version defaults to full resolution! In-game resolution options would be ideal but I can change my desktop resolution as well.

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Great game. I'm not sure how hard it would be to have a frame limiter, but I was running between 250 and 3000 fps depending on the area and my monitor only runs at 60! So lots more processing going on than necessary.

Did some more monitoring: my GTX 970 was running around 35%, except on animated cutscenes like the ending, in which it ran at 80%. So that would be the main culprit for wasted power.