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I meant that the paid version says it's a demo. Is this meant to be the case?

Is the paid version meant to be a demo?
A save feature would be nice
On the Linux version sometimes I hear a sharp clicking noise when I hover over a building in the hotbar.
I'm not sure what the point of holding a building is? It basically serves as a 4th slot but I have to swap it out with another building to actually use it. May as well just have 4 slots.
In one of the tips it says "demolite"; the correct spelling is "demolish"
It's possible to expand the area when the menu is open which can lead to me accidentally expanding areas I don't want to.
Other than that, it's a fun relaxing little game :)

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Are characters only meant to have one aspect, or can they have more than one? Page 7 states  that a player can "argue that one of their Aspects gives them an advantage." To me this implies that there can be more than one, but then in page 9 it states to "choose one" in character creation.
Btw, is that line between the aspects in the character supposed to be there instead of at the bottom?